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Barack Obama Writes to Media & Personally to Johan Sandstrom of

"Johan --

This is a serious storm, but we are going to do what it takes to keep people safe and secure, and make sure the communities affected get the assistance they need. FEMA is working with state and local governments to respond effectively. We all owe a debt of thanks to the first responders who will be dealing with the immediate impact of the storm.

If you live in the storm's path, please listen to state and local authorities about where and how to take shelter and stay safe -- and encourage your friends and family to do the same. If you are asked to evacuate, please take that seriously.

For more information on how to prepare for this storm, visit

And if you'd like to find out how to support relief efforts where they're needed most, please visit the Red Cross or your local relief organization:

Michelle and I are keeping everyone in the affected areas in our thoughts and prayers. Be safe.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012



It is with great sadness that we express the sudden loss of Dr. Robert Allen Mason, who passed away on Sunday, October, 21, 2012.

 He was born on July 7, 1959 in Windsor, Ontario and is survived by his loving wife, Mary-Ellen and two stepdaughters, Kassia and Lily all from Penticton, B.C.
He was predeceased by his father, John Mason, in 1973.

Rob is also survived by his mother, Mary Patricia Churchill of Leamington, Ont., his brothers; David (Barb) of Kingsville, Ont. and Jim (Nancy) of Toronto, Ont., his sisters; Dianne Morris, of Windsor, Ont., Betty Dunbar of Ottawa, Ont., and Jean Mason from Windsor, Ont.

 He was also blessed with many nieces and nephews as well as many truly amazing and life-long friends, especially amongst the Penticton triathlon community.

Rob graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 1986 and was well-known and respected as a Veterinarian Specialist throughout North America. He was double boarded, and specialized in internal medicine, and had practiced in Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria, and the Interior of British Columbia.

 Rob truly believed in the pursuit of life-long learning and knowledge as it was a cornerstone of his life. Rob, also fondly referred to as “Mase,” always had a warm smile, a kind word for everyone, and an incredible energizing spirit that he lovingly shared.

 He was well known for being an amazing story-teller and could share trivia on almost any subject. Rob believed in trying to make this world a better place and actively volunteered with organizations like the Ride 2 Survive for cancer research, and a teen mentoring program, to name a few.

In his earlier years he was an accomplished drummer in the Windsor Guardsmen Drum Corps, and competed in many competitions throughout North America. The Family wishes to thank everyone for all of the expressions of sympathy and condolences they have received. Special thanks also to the Penticton and District Search and Rescue Team for their valiant efforts.

 We invite all to share in a Celebration of Rob’s life wearing their best “Tommy Bahama Shirt” at The Bench 1775 Winery, (1775 Naramata Road, Penticton, BC) on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 1:30 p.m.

Please consider the weather and dress for an outdoor event.

 Thank you to the Providence Funeral Home for providing arrangements, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Ride 2 Survive (, or the SPCA of Penticton ( 

Courtesy of Johan Sandstrom,BComm

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'International Artist Day -2012' 25 Oct. White Rock BC & Worldwide.


Thursday, October 18, 2012


Art Show Opening
Student Art Show - Mixed Media
Opening Reception
Thursday, October 25 - 7:00 p.m.

White Rock Community Centre
15154 Russell Avenue

First Aid-CPR A
On Saturday, October 27 at the White Rock Community Centre learn basic first aid training and CPR techniques for adults and children.

Upon successful completion, participants receive a National St. John’s Ambulance CPR A certificate. Sign up now at (604) 541-2199.

Excerpt from 'City of White Rock News'.
By courtesy of,
Johan Sandstrom, BComm.
Publisher on the Internet

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'Half-way won't cut it!'

A Message from:

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For a free 30 min. consultation about relevant details concerning your video, our reasonable quotes of pricing and more..please call me.
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Immigration...Migration. Influx of Foreign Nationals, Citizens...Asylum Seekers. Refugees 'Draining Coffers ..National Economies and Natives' Patience & Measures of Tolerance!

Friends of and in Canada and Internationally related compatriots and 'world-citizens' fending for themselves in any which way globally.

Allow me to tell you briefly the following and my post-note to the following I received from a very stable, reliable and balanced friend and source in Sweden. 

First I said to and added "How neutral can one get without readjusting the cabbage o breaking a leg...? This situation may generate serious implications for everyone involved.

Again, let me reiterate; Sweden is a 'welfare and a 'socio-acrobatic' community and state with about 10 million in population and proudly touting a welfare safety net unheard of or unseen in any other area of our planet. Correct me if you can prove me wrong. 

Sweden remains the 'champion of numbers on welfare'..or what 'ya tink?

Now please consider the following expressed content... 'Swenglish' message, sent to me. Think and imagine the various social and economical consequences of those who should be concerned. I agree with the reaction of spontaneity screaming "Horrible"

"For your knowledge from to-days Svenska dagbladet:
Wqe had 2011 29500 asylumseekrs, Great Britain had about 5000!!!And they are 7 times bigger than we!!!Denmark took about 4000, Finland the Same, Norway 4000, why in Gods name should we always lead the gang??????Horrible!!!!!


The Swedish and one of the major daily newspapers "Svenska Dagbladet" Is mentioning "We [Sweden] 2011 had 29,500 asylum seekers [people from other nations seeking refuge, safety and sustain livelihood....!

UK or Great Britain had about 5,000!!! Look at the present population ratio and contrast between the two nations. Great Britain is 7 [seven]times bigger than 'we' , i.e. Sweden!

Denmark 'took' about 4,000 and so did Finland and Norway each 4,000...., Why in God's name should we [Sweden] always 'lead the gang????

My friends ..what is taking place in Sweden, of course, this is based on foremost politics and a grain of empathy and desire to 'do the right thing' I suspect. 

Many Swedes consider what is happening and the strange influx of migrants [asylum seekers..refugees.... now since some years set in motion, as being both costly for taxpayers and a threat to Sweden's culture,  national heritage and Swedish traditions and language....what more can be commented, I leave up to you...the readers of this.

To secure your any comments and contributions please use email:

This is from a series of the "News You Can Use" posted in the

Johan Sandstrom, Publisher/Editor on the Internet.
'Born Swedish and proud Canadian by choice since 1988'

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'You Don't Have To Go It Alone' says Affiliate Internet Marketing Teacher James Martell, White Rock

James Martell  sent me this note a few hours ago.
I thought you wanted to know.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and family, friends and colleagues.
Johan Sandstrom,

"Hi Johan,

One of the scariest parts for new affiliates is the fear that they'll be left in the dark with nobody to turn to when they have a question. Their affiliate managers won't answer their emails because they haven't made any sales yet, the affiliate FAQs and Forums are full of people who have been doing it for years and spit jargon like it's their mother tongue, and every guru on the internet is willing to help . . . for a price.

I can't stand that. I love to teach and I think that anybody should be allowed to learn affiliate marketing""and that nobody should have to go it alone.

That's why, in April 2007, I started holding live Q&As and Coaching Sessions in my online conference room for members of my SUPER BootCamp. Since then I have been meeting with members twice a month. These sessions really are no-holds barred, ask-me-anything forums for beginners and experts alike. It's great for new affiliates (or those struggling to break out in the industry) to have an advisor to turn to.

The sessions typically ranges between 60 and 90 minutes with anywhere from 25 to 50 people in attendance. I offer multiple ways to interact (some participants prefer to ask questions using their headset while others prefer to text) so nobody ever feels awkward about asking. Many folks just attend these sessions to watch, listen, and learn and that's fine too.

It's a great learning experience for all. It's also great to be able to get questions answered on the fly""I've found that to be the key to keeping people on task and on track.

If a member misses a session (because of differing times zones or for whatever reason) there's no worries. Every session is recorded and available 24/7 for play back and review.

Curious as to what goes on in a Q&A session? Check out this recording I made of one of my latest sessions:
So, if you're considering taking the SUPER BootCamp or even if you're just curious, I don't want you to feel like you need to go it alone. Part of the responsibility of being a good teacher is being available to answer questions and I take pride in being a good teacher to toot my own horn a little, hundreds of my students will vouch for that.

Become a member of my SUPER BootCamp today and you too can learn cutting-edge publishing techniques, insider tips, and get any questions you may have about affiliate marketing questions answered. Join today:
To your online success.


James Martell
Net Guides Publishing Inc. "

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"News You Can Use" by About 'SiteTalkCommunity' Singapore.

About the SiteTalk Community

"SiteTalk represents a new dimension in social networking. is a free Social Network Platform (SNP) that combines social networking with integrated services, benefits and recognizes your personal time that you spend on the community.

This platform enables members to communicate with friends, family and business contacts globally, utilizing a range of communication tools that are constantly being upgraded and further developed to serve the members’ individual needs. also offers its members exclusive services, both free and paid-for, combined with a unique rewards program. By using all SiteTalk services, both current and future, members earn loyalty points that can be used for making purchases in the community’s online shopping portal, SiteTalk Mall.

SiteTalk is easily accessible through a standard web browser or the more practical SiteTalk Desktop Application.
The desktop application can be downloaded and installed in a single or multiple personal computer environment and makes it quick and easy to access all functions of

Security and ownership
In this age of global media, SiteTalk values its members’ personal security and integrity. All information, including photos, illustrations and video that is uploaded to the member’s profile belongs to the member and remains part of the community only for as long as the member wishes it to be. If a member chooses to stop sharing content or decides to terminate his or her membership, all information and images will be removed as requested, thereby safeguarding the members’ ownership of their personal digital social life.

Functionality and freedom of choice offers its members more than just social networking functions. By taking part in the SiteTalk community, members also have the freedom to take advantage of integrated and affiliated services such as

SiteTalk Mall, SiteTalk Travel and SiteTalk SIM, all which are designed to give members a rewarding experience.
Loyalty points and reward program
Joining the SiteTalk Community is totally free for the end user. Many members are referred by a friend or business contact to join their network. 

All members automatically become a part of the SiteTalk referral program making it possible to gain loyalty points for recommending new members to the community. 

Members also become part of an extensive and exclusive loyalty program which rewards community activities such as posting messages, uploading photos or video and keeping in touch with friends, family and business contacts globally. 
These loyalty points can be used for purchases within the SiteTalk community such as SiteTalk Mall.

We Care – We Share
SiteTalk believes in caring for the world and the people who live in it.

Being part of a community means to get involved. 

SiteTalk works closely with charity organizations and hosts its own charity, SiteTalk Care. 

SiteTalk Care supports various types of charity functions and focuses on assisting victims of natural disasters long after media attention has ceased. 

Members belonging to the Premium Membership Scheme have the possibility to donate Loyalty Points to SiteTalk Care 
generated by their activities in the Community, thereby contributing to making the world a better place.
SiteTalk v.2.3 Beta © 2012

For detailed information, please connect with Johan Sandstrom, 'WhiteRockReporter' by email:

Above excerpt is posted as compliment and to inform a public audience world-wide.

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Your Websites' Back-Links; Yes Backlinks You Must Have and If You Don't Learn Here How to Get Backlinks - Now.

I received this note of importance from James Martell - The School of Internet Marketing-

James writes:

Hi Johan

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If you have 30 backlinks but have not posted new content for 6
weeks it thinks, "what gives"?

I thought this site was important and popular???

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Not good.

And they see who links to you, too.

Are they good guys or bad guys?

They measure the time each visitor stays on every page and whether or not they drill down on your site to other pages you publish.

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However backlinks are still the difference maker in terms of
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The Main Way Google Measures Popularity.

As you know Google's algorithms are designed to assign rankings
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For instance Google just announced the 19th Panda update adding it will only affect .07% of search results.

This news is essentially meaningless if your site is already seen
as popular.

I know this is old news to some, but for the benefit of my newest
readers let me remind everyone about why we get backlinks in the
first place.

Back in 1995 Google's geeky founders felt they had a better way to
sort rankings.

At that time the competing search engines relied heavily on

Their algorithms analyzed the code of each web page from top to
bottom, left to right looking for words.

These words were the key to what that page was about.

This way they could make an intelligent guess about what page to
serve up based on matching words typed into a search field with
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Not a bad plan.

But Sergey and Larry took it one step further.

They reasoned that another way to prioritize rankings was

Have you ever seen a line up outside a restaurant and thought it
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The line tells you something doesn't it?

Yes, it tells you the food must be good otherwise why would people

Google's algorithms are fundamentally programmed with similar logic.

Google's founders explained it by saying, "a link from another site
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If a lot of sites were *voting* for a page on your site then that
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Of course, it didn't take long for web entrepreneurs to figure this
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Think Of Google As Your Partner

I'll admit to a little gaming-the-system in the early days.

But when Google took out dozens of my best affiliate sites in 2005
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From 2005 until this day I am adamant about aligning my efforts to
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Google wants one thing: a great match for every search query.

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City of White Rock Receives Grant for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations | White Rock Reporter

City of White Rock Receives Grant for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations | White Rock Reporter

Friday, September 21, 2012

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to White Rock ; Grant Received [up-to] $4,000 Per Station.

"News You Can Use"
September 21, 2012

City of White Rock Receives Grant for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of White Rock is one of 71 organizations recently approved through an Early Bird Application process for charging station incentives through the Community Charging Infrastructure (CCI) Fund for the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Incentive. The City will receive up to 75 per cent of the cost of an electric vehicle charging station, up to $4,000 per station.

Under this program, the City of White Rock will install a dual charging station at the City’s Operations Yard for use with fleet vehicles in the New Year.

The Department of Engineering and Municipal Operations conducted a fleet review prior to the grant request and already has plans in place to replace approximately two fleet vehicles with electric vehicles when replacement vehicles are required.

A prime area in the City to use electric vehicles is on the promenade for maintenance work and garbage collection.
Electric gator utility vehicles on the waterfront will produce zero tailpipe emissions and will cost less in electricity than fuel for a gas-powered car.

“From implementing alternate week garbage collection to reduce our waste, to receiving grant funds for electric vehicle charging stations to reduce emissions, the City of White Rock consistently looks for ways to protect our environment,” said Mayor Wayne Baldwin.

“The City is also looking for ways to make a charging station available to the general public in order to encourage visitations from owners of electric vehicles,” he said.

This fund is part of “Plug in BC”, an initiative of the government of British Columbia, in collaboration with BC Hydro and others, to help lay the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

For more information contact:
Jamie Leggatt
Communications Officer
Tel: 604.541.2114

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eco-Adventures: Whale Watching Comes to White Rock | White Rock Reporter

Eco-Adventures: Whale Watching Comes to White Rock | White Rock Reporter

Monday, September 17, 2012

Healthy360: Do sea lions speak?..." Join the's groom...

Healthy360: Do sea lions speak?..." Join the's groom...: Join the session..grooming prior to landing in  White Rock. Impressive  mammals...animals.. Courtesy Johan Sandstrom, BComm. http://www....

Do sea lions speak?..." Join the's grooming time..Ready for White Rock..

Join the session..grooming prior to landing in White Rock. Impressive 
Courtesy Johan Sandstrom, BComm.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wayne Baldwin Mayor of White Rock BC 'State of the City' Address 13 Sep. 2012

State of the City Address to audience present and invited by South Surrey White Rock Chamber of Commerce

City of White Rock
Mayor Wayne Baldwin

September 13, 2012

“Good evening. It’s a pleasure to be here today.
Before I begin, I want to thank
- Cliff Annable,
- Gary Hollick, and
- the rest of the Chamber Board for extending this invitation.
The Chamber is well known for facilitating business-to-business networking opportunities and supporting the needs of local government. Thank you for the work you do for our business community.

Now I can’t begin talking about the state of our city without taking a moment to recognize our excellent Council.
Al Campbell
Helen Fathers
Louise Hutchinson (is away right now, and will be back on the 20th)
Grant Meyer
Larry Robinson
This is a strong group of individuals that successfully and collectively work together and engage the community.

I would also like to recognize our senior management team and new CAO. This year, in addition to hiring Dan Bottrill as CAO, we filled two other senior management positions - the Director of Leisure Services and the Director of Engineering and Municipal and Operations. As a Council, we’re pleased to have a complete senior management team to better serve our community.

It has taken us a little while to get up to full strength and to get our policies aligned with our collective vision, but we are there now and we are ready to rock ‘n roll.
Tonight I’ve been invited to share what’s happening in the City of White Rock – the areas where we’ve made progress and our plans for the future.

A lot has changed in the past year. In November we had our municipal election and I want to thank each and every one of you that came out and voted. To be honest, though, the voter turnout could have been better.
Sometimes it is easy to forget what a privilege and important responsibility it is to vote. But your individual vote shapes our city and defines your Council.

On November 3 we’ll have a by-election and I want to encourage you to get out and vote. Our current Council is functioning extremely well, but we have a vacancy that must be filled.
This is not something that should be looked at apathetically.

It is very important that we get a progressive person to fill that slot; someone who will work with the existing team and who will readily work to help make White Rock move forward, not backward.

You can’t drive a car while only focusing on the rear-view mirror, you have to look ahead! The same is true for White Rock.

We are no longer a cottage community and cannot live in the past. We must embrace change, control change, and use it to our advantage. We must acknowledge what we are - one of the most densely populated communities in B.C. - and be the best we can be.

So how are we going to embrace change and turn it to our own advantage?
- First, we are going to make White Rock attractive for investors.
- Second, we are going to give White Rock’s greatest attraction, the waterfront, a makeover.
- Third, we are going to make some changes to White Rock’s pay parking situation.
- Fourth, we are going to diversify our economic situation by providing White Rock with a second industry. 

Currently we have one industry, tourism. As we move forward, we are going to make the arts our second industry.

How are we going to make White Rock more attractive for investors?

We’ve already started. Just look around and you can see that this is an exciting time for the City of White Rock and for our Town Centre - there are developments happening uptown and all across the city.

In the Town Centre the AVRA is nearing completion and the Saltaire development is on its way.

Now, when was the last time anyone saw two construction cranes working concurrently on two separate projects in White Rock?
Throughout the rest of the city, townhouses, triplexes, small coach houses and new home construction are creating a beautiful, livable, and vibrant city.

As older homes and small cottages are replaced by new construction, value is added to those properties and to our city as a whole.

Now I know the noise and construction dust aren’t ideal, but it is part of the growing process.
Soon new residents will fill these buildings, creating a much larger customer base for your businesses. Just think about how many potential customers will soon be living right on your front doorstep!

Larry Beasely, the former City of Vancouver Planner, who is an acknowledged authority on creating livable cities says that to have a livable community with a viable commercial core, you need at least 10,000 people within a five to seven minute walk.
Even with the large number across the street in Surrey, we have some work to do before Johnston Road will achieve that.

All these developments fit into our shared vision for the future of White Rock.

In the last three years there were a number of community consultations on the Town Centre design plan, a design charrette, and other information gathering activities, including two separate consultant reports on the economic health of the City, that reflected the need for the redevelopment of the Town Centre.

We took all that information and feedback and incorporated it into the Town Centre Urban Design Plan, which will be merged into the Official Community Plan this year.

Coming directly in response to these studies, a new Zoning Bylaw and amenity contribution policy are being prepared for Council’s consideration.

If approved by Council, this will be a very bold move. 
What we would basically be doing is pre-zoning potential building sites in White Rock’s town centre to reduce the uncertainty of redevelopment.

Through the amenity contribution policy, developers will only be able to increase height above three stories and density above a 1.75 floor area ratio if they make significant financial contributions for the benefit of our community.

We are building a more positive reputation with developers and investors, which is a good thing for all of us.

The changes that Council is considering, if approved, will create an outstanding investment climate for the City – not by making it cheaper to build, but by removing a lot of the uncertainty and speculation.

I have spoken to investors and they have told me that the word in the ‘investment community’ is that White Rock is open for business.
As we move ahead with new construction, we are also keeping an eye on affordable housing.

As a parent and grandparent, I want to make sure my children and grandchildren have the opportunity to continue living in our beautiful city – I don’t want to see them priced out of the market!

But we all know that our community is so much more than just a variety of housing and commercial developments, our waterfront plays a major role in defining White Rock.

Our waterfront needs a makeover

White Rock Beach is really our crown jewel and we’re working hard to polish it up.

You may recall that earlier this year, the City held its first public forum on Waterfront Improvements.

Many interesting ideas came out of that forum, but some of them seemed to come up more frequently than others and seemed to resonate with Council.

Subject to funding availability and in some cases, approvals from BNSF and FREMP, Council is giving active consideration to the following ideas:

- Extending the promenade westward a km to Coldicutt Ravine

- Overhauling some of the restrictive policies and practices to allow for more activities on the waterfront, such as kayak and paddleboard rentals, increased artist presence, some limited food sales, provided that the operators also have waterfront stores.

- Constructing a children’s playground in the East Beach area and providing all age no barrier fitness equipment along part of the promenade.

- Providing more active play areas where there is no conflict with the passive use areas.

- Enhancing the stage area in Memorial Park.

- Greater collaboration with the Semiahmoo First Nation.

- Putting the power lines along Marine Drive underground.

- Rejuvenating the Ash Street Walkway space on Marine Drive to create “Terry Parr Plaza”

On behalf of Council, I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the waterfront forum.
We’d also like to thank:

- the White Rock South Surrey Community Foundation

- the South Surrey White Rock Chamber of Commerce

- Tourism White Rock, and

- the Semiahmoo Rotary Club
for their efforts on the “Terry Parr Plaza”

Pay Parking Changes
You can’t talk about the waterfront without talking about White Rock’s pay parking situation.
Earlier this year there was a Mayor’s Parking Task Force on pay parking formed with a mandate to review the pay parking situation and make REVENUE NEUTRAL recommendations for changes.

Council will shortly be receiving the final version of that report and will give consideration to approving a number of changes. Many of the changes will amount to minor tweaking, but some will be much more significant.

The more significant recommendations that Council will be considering will be an off-season, non-resident parking decal, and the construction of a tiered parking structure, most likely at Victoria and Vidal.

A Second Industry for White Rock
Several months ago we held our second Public Forum to generate ideas as to how the arts in the City could have a greater economic benefit to the City. Subsequently, an Arts Economic Task Force was created to recommend a plan to Council on how the Arts could become an effective economic generator for White Rock.

That task force is meeting now to come up with a plan as to accomplish this.
Some ideas I know they will be considering and that came out of the forum are:

- To have a weeklong festival of the arts, centering around the International Artists Day in October.
- To expand Painters’ Square in front of the museum eastward to allow more artists to participate and to remove the restrictions on the time of year they can display and sell their works.

- To establish a school of arts reminiscent of the Banff School of Art and use opportunities to team up with the schools (in particular White Rock Elementary), the Semiahmoo First Nation, and Kwantlen University College.
We’ve already made some strides towards improving the profile of arts and culture in our community.

With the creation of the Centre for Active Living last year, we were able to give Semiahmoo Arts, the community arts council of White Rock and district, a home in the Mel Edwards building in Centennial Park.

They quickly made the building home and have a number of plans for making the most of the space they are in.

For example, they plan on designing a mural on the side of the building, while using the indoor space for gallery shows, teaching, performance arts and more.

We are fortunate that so many talented artists already call White Rock home and appreciate the value they bring to our community.

Over the summer the White Rock Museum and Archives’ presented an exhibit that showcased the hidden secrets of Semiahmoo Bay and beyond through artwork.

Local artist Dale Byhre closely examined historical records and attempted to document through his paintings the significant historical events of White Rock waters spanning 250 years. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing history through this artistic lens.

This fall, a collection of Richard Tetrault’s artwork will be exhibited at the White Rock Museum and Archives. This art was generously bequeathed to the City by Richard’s mother and White Rock resident Wynne Tetrault.

This collection was displayed throughout the summer by our Art on Display program in partnership with Semiahmoo Arts.

This year, the White Rock Library teamed up with local artists Pauline Dutkowki to produce a show entitled “Outside the Box”. Pauline’s art has been displayed in the National Gallery of Canada and The Louvre.

The Coast Capital Playhouse continues to produce season after season of outstanding plays and productions and is a remarkable asset to the City.

Something I’m very excited about is our Public Art Advisory Committee. The mandate of this committee is to advise Council on the implementation of public art policies for the City.

They will keep public art alive in our community. Something that will help them do that is the $50,000 we have budgeted to spend on public art.
I’m looking forward to seeing new public art in our city and to the plans and strategies that will be brought forward by this new committee.

In Conclusion

White Rock is in excellent financial shape.

Contrary to what the naysayers would have us believe, we have no debt, and our tax rates, while not lower than Surrey’s, are lower than many others in Metro Vancouver.

We are a highly desirable community in terms of geography and climate.

We have an active, involved population who have demonstrated their willingness to volunteer for many activities which makes this a better community.

We have a name that is highly recognized for beyond what our population size would indicate and because of the community of interest with our neighbours from South Surrey, we are also able to effectively quadruple our population size due to their involvement in the community.

We have excellent staff and a progressive, dedicated, and hardworking Council who want to make things happen.

With your help and encouragement, we can make White Rock the best place in the Province to live, work and play.
Thank you.”

Courtesy :
Johan Sandstrom, BComm.
Internet Publisher
"Video & Audio Content Communication Services Provider to Business Professionals"

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Obituary...' a fallen friend passing ..! Courtesy

Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Brilliant !! Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense , who has been with us for many years. 
No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. 

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:
- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair;
- And maybe it was my fault.
Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault. 

 Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. 

Common Sense was preceded in death,
-by his parents,
Truth and Trust,
-by his wife, Discretion,
-by his daughter, Responsibility,
-and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers; 
- I Know My Rights
- I Want It Now
- Someone Else Is To Blame
- I'm A Victim
- Pay me for Doing Nothing

  Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing. 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Why a Break-ation may be just for you" states James Martell in an Email to Johan of

James Martell wrote: Hi Johan, Success in the affiliate marketing business so often depends on sharp wits and creativity. Those wits can be dulled after plugging away at your computer for months at a time. That creativity can wane. When they do, you'll see your conversions falter, your traffic ebb--that's not a good thing! How do you get that razor's edge back? Take a breather. Step back, let your mind rest. I know you probably don't feel like you can get away from your business, especially when you're still trying to get it up and running, and you don't have to. Break-ations are an easy way to get your creative juices flowing again and blow those cobwebs right out of your head. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that-outsourcing and mobile technology can offer you incredible freedom--you can stay on top of things anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi signal. I often combine trips to seminars and conventions with a day or two of "me time" somewhere refreshing. I've toured San Francisco, spent time in Germany, been to the Caribbean, and even roamed around my own "backyard" to discover some truly unique experiences. You don't need months away, usually a few days will do the trick. It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg either. Arlene, my wife, is my own travel agent. She's an expert on where and how to find the best deals, how best to structure a short getaway to get the most relaxation and excitement out of it, and she knows a ton of little tips including one that can net you a $600 dollar suite for just $20! Listen in as she explains all about short vacations and how to get the best Break-ation for your buck. Also as a service to you -- one of my online viewers -- who not only took the time to watch my introductory video -- but were also kind enough to request my guided video tour -- I am offering this friendly "reminder" in case you, too, haven't had a chance to review the video or open my e-mail. If you have already viewed my "guided video tour", -- I hope you enjoyed it and are ready for the next step ... which is to become a SUPER BootCamp member and start learning what you must do to succeed with affiliate programs on the Net. But, -- if you haven't had the time to watch it -- or did, -- and plan to join, -- but never got around to it, -- then simply click on the link below. This will take you to my video tour. Simply click on the link below the video to get started! To your online success. Regards, James Martell Net Guides Publishing Inc." I wanted You,my audience of this blog, to take part in the James Martell 'TOUR' as offered above. Best regards Johan Sandstrom Internet Publisher

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"Four P's of Marketing" Discovered in Blog of Rosalind Gardner, Penticton BC; Penned by Heather Smith.

The Four P’s of Marketing

Guest post contributed by Heather Smith.
If you do not know what the four P’s of marketing are – you are not alone.
There are many people who do not understand the basic relationship that makes up successful marketing. The four P’s were originally created as a marketing mix. Having a marketing mix is often fundamental when forming a product or brand’s unique selling point i.e. the unique quality that makes a product different from its competitors.
The term marketing mix was originally created in an article written by Neil Borden called “The Concept of the Marketing Mix.” He became aware of the term after he heard about if from an acquaintance, James Culliton, who in 1948 designated the role of the marketing manager as a mixer of ingredients.
Getting to the point, a proper marketing mix allows your product or brand to achieve the highest sales and recognition it possibly can. Like having a balanced meal makes you as healthy as possible, having a balanced marketing mix helps to make your product or brand as profitable as possible.
The four P’s that make up the marketing mix are: price, product, promotion, and place.
  1. Price

    The price is the amount of money a customer pays for the product or service. The price is very significant as it governs the company’s profit and therefore existence. Modifying the price has an intense impact on the marketing strategy and, contingent on the price elasticity of the product, it will frequently affect the demand and sales as well. The price that the marketer sets should balance the other elements of the marketing mix.
  2. Product

    The product is the simplest idea. It is an item or service that fulfills what a consumer needs or wants. Your product can literally be anything, even an idea. You must have a concrete grasp on what the product is, however, before you can successfully market it.
  3. Promotion

    Promotion can be all of the methods of communication that a marketer may use to deliver information to various people about the product. Promotion is made up of things like: advertising, public relations, personal selling, viral and word-of-mouth, and sales promotion. Promotion is essentially how you get the word out about your product or service.
  4. Place

    Place is all about providing the product at a location which is convenient for consumers to access. Today, that is frequently online. Place also has a lot to do with distribution, or getting the product to the customer. Several approaches such as intensive distribution, selective distribution, exclusive distribution and franchising can be applied by the marketer to match the other parts of the marketing mix.
The four P’s can help you become a better marketer by understanding the simplified balance of marketing products or services. Once you have a good understanding of these four aspects, you can have more success in marketing your products or services.
Courtesy of "News You Can Use" -free subscription-