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An excerpt from Ecademy.com

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Business : What I expect from @danielpriestley #ecademy
by Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith [55.48:16] on 27-Mar-12 12:21pm
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Daniel Priestley has recently taken over as Managing Director of Ecademy, as part of the re-structuring that occurred when the company was sold last autumn. All change is potentially disruptive and can be uncomfortable. However, rather than complain or criticise, I thought I would state my own expectations of Daniel in a 12-point plan.
Let me start by saying that I believe a chief executive must be a leader, so some of the points are about leadership in general. Also, this is not personal, so I shall express it in general terms. I expect the MD of Ecademy to address:
1. VISION: where are we going? How will the vision of the founders be altered or extended? The Vision needs to be defined and communicated clearly to members and to the outside world, within a set time frame.
2. CULTURE: That's defined as "the way we do things in Ecademy." How should we change that? It will be essential to put the right people in key jobs, define the Ecademy value system, then get out of the way. Allow members to contribute their expertise as appropriate.
3. METRICS: Determine what members want to get out of their membership, and consult them on how they want to measure their RoI.
4. VISIBILITY: Be seen, attend meetings, including ROSEE and OSBSD.
5. WHAT WORKS: Get to know what is already working well, find out why and give it more juice.
6. COMMUNICATION: This is the key skill for any leader. Have an open channel to and from members, reply to emails, give talks, write on forums.
7. INITIATIVES: Support the activities of members, such as Boardrooms, OSBSD and ROSEE.
8. COLLECTIVE STRENGTHS: Harness the intellects, expertise and energies of members. They ARE Ecademy. Understand what they bring.
9. TEAMWORK: Commit to working in harmony with members, especially those who have demonstrated a willingness to step up to the plate.
10. CONSISTENCY: The leadership of Ecademy should speak with one voice.
11. PLANNING: Declare a plan for progress so members can see how they can share in the realisation of the Vision.
12. MEMBERS: Be interested in them for what they have to offer, not merely as prospective customers for your own projects.
I realise that looks like a Grand Plan, but only for the sake of completeness. In brief, the new MD of Ecademy needs to give members reasons (a) to stay, (b) to contribute, and (c) to follow him. It goes, almost without saying, that the leader of a networking club needs to interact with his members.


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