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Immigration...Migration. Influx of Foreign Nationals, Citizens...Asylum Seekers. Refugees 'Draining Coffers ..National Economies and Natives' Patience & Measures of Tolerance!

Friends of and in Canada and Internationally related compatriots and 'world-citizens' fending for themselves in any which way globally.

Allow me to tell you briefly the following and my post-note to the following I received from a very stable, reliable and balanced friend and source in Sweden. 

First I said to and added "How neutral can one get without readjusting the cabbage o breaking a leg...? This situation may generate serious implications for everyone involved.

Again, let me reiterate; Sweden is a 'welfare and a 'socio-acrobatic' community and state with about 10 million in population and proudly touting a welfare safety net unheard of or unseen in any other area of our planet. Correct me if you can prove me wrong. 

Sweden remains the 'champion of numbers on welfare'..or what 'ya tink?

Now please consider the following expressed content... 'Swenglish' message, sent to me. Think and imagine the various social and economical consequences of those who should be concerned. I agree with the reaction of spontaneity screaming "Horrible"

"For your knowledge from to-days Svenska dagbladet:
Wqe had 2011 29500 asylumseekrs, Great Britain had about 5000!!!And they are 7 times bigger than we!!!Denmark took about 4000, Finland the Same, Norway 4000, why in Gods name should we always lead the gang??????Horrible!!!!!


The Swedish and one of the major daily newspapers "Svenska Dagbladet" Is mentioning "We [Sweden] 2011 had 29,500 asylum seekers [people from other nations seeking refuge, safety and sustain livelihood....!

UK or Great Britain had about 5,000!!! Look at the present population ratio and contrast between the two nations. Great Britain is 7 [seven]times bigger than 'we' , i.e. Sweden!

Denmark 'took' about 4,000 and so did Finland and Norway each 4,000...., Why in God's name should we [Sweden] always 'lead the gang????

My friends ..what is taking place in Sweden, of course, this is based on foremost politics and a grain of empathy and desire to 'do the right thing' I suspect. 

Many Swedes consider what is happening and the strange influx of migrants [asylum seekers..refugees.... now since some years set in motion, as being both costly for taxpayers and a threat to Sweden's culture,  national heritage and Swedish traditions and language....what more can be commented, I leave up to you...the readers of this.

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