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About the SiteTalk Community

"SiteTalk represents a new dimension in social networking. is a free Social Network Platform (SNP) that combines social networking with integrated services, benefits and recognizes your personal time that you spend on the community.

This platform enables members to communicate with friends, family and business contacts globally, utilizing a range of communication tools that are constantly being upgraded and further developed to serve the members’ individual needs. also offers its members exclusive services, both free and paid-for, combined with a unique rewards program. By using all SiteTalk services, both current and future, members earn loyalty points that can be used for making purchases in the community’s online shopping portal, SiteTalk Mall.

SiteTalk is easily accessible through a standard web browser or the more practical SiteTalk Desktop Application.
The desktop application can be downloaded and installed in a single or multiple personal computer environment and makes it quick and easy to access all functions of

Security and ownership
In this age of global media, SiteTalk values its members’ personal security and integrity. All information, including photos, illustrations and video that is uploaded to the member’s profile belongs to the member and remains part of the community only for as long as the member wishes it to be. If a member chooses to stop sharing content or decides to terminate his or her membership, all information and images will be removed as requested, thereby safeguarding the members’ ownership of their personal digital social life.

Functionality and freedom of choice offers its members more than just social networking functions. By taking part in the SiteTalk community, members also have the freedom to take advantage of integrated and affiliated services such as

SiteTalk Mall, SiteTalk Travel and SiteTalk SIM, all which are designed to give members a rewarding experience.
Loyalty points and reward program
Joining the SiteTalk Community is totally free for the end user. Many members are referred by a friend or business contact to join their network. 

All members automatically become a part of the SiteTalk referral program making it possible to gain loyalty points for recommending new members to the community. 

Members also become part of an extensive and exclusive loyalty program which rewards community activities such as posting messages, uploading photos or video and keeping in touch with friends, family and business contacts globally. 
These loyalty points can be used for purchases within the SiteTalk community such as SiteTalk Mall.

We Care – We Share
SiteTalk believes in caring for the world and the people who live in it.

Being part of a community means to get involved. 

SiteTalk works closely with charity organizations and hosts its own charity, SiteTalk Care. 

SiteTalk Care supports various types of charity functions and focuses on assisting victims of natural disasters long after media attention has ceased. 

Members belonging to the Premium Membership Scheme have the possibility to donate Loyalty Points to SiteTalk Care 
generated by their activities in the Community, thereby contributing to making the world a better place.
SiteTalk v.2.3 Beta © 2012

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