Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vancouver Island Home 4 Sale; Retire in Port Alice,BC. Invest. Fish, Hun...

Port Alice is 'one-of-a-kind and you've got to see it to understand the experience.

Vancouver and Port Alice and Nanaimo Tourism can tell you more.

Use Google for exploration of the North Coast ..Vancouver Island is truly amazing for nature lovers and entrepreneurs wishing a long term retreat for creative and other electronic work demanding access to Internet. It's all modern but still inviting in its functional surroundings

Go hiking, fishing for salmon, socialize, or go hunting or just relax at home.
This home in Port Alice is situated and prepared to 'work as your very private bed & breakfast' if you will.. It sleeps four and you may find that the additional guests can sleep over....

This is a real
estate gem rarely put on the market. Reasonably priced to sell and in mint condition.
For more detailed information..the owner knows best or any assigned sales agent. Connect with Michelle Herlihy, owner, Tel. +1 778 292 0293 ; email:

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Monday, January 30, 2012

What has the Mayor been doing?

The Mayors Report on January 23, 2012 stated:

January 11 - I attended a seminar on the RCMP contract sponsored by the UBCM

January 13 - met with Peggy Hunt and Shirley Samush from Translink.

January 13 - discussed an idea for a Tour BC cycling ride to raise money for cancer. Organizers are in the preliminary stages of planning but are thinking they'd like to start and end the ride in White Rock possibly in July or August.

January 17 - Council held an all-day Planning Session with members of Senior Management. Good exchange of information and priorities to form a base as we begin to formulate the plans for the coming year and the next three years.

January 18 -attended a meeting of Translink's Mayor's Council on Regional Transportation. Richard Walton, Mayor of North Vancouver, was elected Chair of this Council, with Peter Fassbender, Mayor of Langley, the Vice-Chair.

January 19 - received an interesting suggestion from a White Rock resident to develop relations with a twin-or sister-city, in China.

January 19 - met with Brian Atkins, District Manager, Transportation for the Lower Mainland. He has agreed with our staff and Tourism White Rock to add "Service" and "Attraction" signage on the highway - signage will refer to waterfront, tourist accomodation and restaurants in White Rock.
He also agreed to determine plans for the expansion of the Park and Ride at King George Boulevard and Highway 99.

January 23 - attended a meeting of the Fraser Health Municipal Government Advisory Council. There are now surgical wait lists on the Fraser Health website that the public can access.

Just received word today that Cliff Annable will be taking over later this week from Doug Hart as Executive Director for the South Surrey Chamber of Commerce. We wish Cliff and the Chamber good luck for the coming year and thank them for the services they provide to White Rock and local businesses.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year today or Gung Hei Fat Choi.

Today is the first day of 2012 in China's Lunar Calendar. The year 2012 is the 4,709th Chinese year and 2012 is the year of the Dragon.
Mayor Wayne Baldwin White Rock Matters

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