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Your Websites' Back-Links; Yes Backlinks You Must Have and If You Don't Learn Here How to Get Backlinks - Now.

I received this note of importance from James Martell - The School of Internet Marketing-

James writes:

Hi Johan

I guess by now most readers know the importance I place on
acquiring backlinks through the publication of feature length
articles on a trusted 3rd party sites :: {PAD}.

But publishing on a schedule to your own site must not be ignored
either because it works hand and hand with PAD by alerting the
algorithms to your web presence.

Google's algorithms see everything these days.

In other words, they know if you've been naughty or nice.

You can't hide a thing.

If you have 30 backlinks but have not posted new content for 6
weeks it thinks, "what gives"?

I thought this site was important and popular???

Yet it looks abandoned.

Not good.

And they see who links to you, too.

Are they good guys or bad guys?

They measure the time each visitor stays on every page and whether or not they drill down on your site to other pages you publish.

They analyze your grammar, your spelling, your punctuation to see
if the author has a grasp of the topic.

You cannot fake it when it comes to content.

And this applies to content published to your own site as well as
content published on other sites.

These housekeeping details cannot be overlooked.

However backlinks are still the difference maker in terms of
winning top rankings.

The Main Way Google Measures Popularity.

As you know Google's algorithms are designed to assign rankings
based on a multitude of factors but the one thing they look for
most is popularity.

In SEO circles I often see exaggerated emphasis on the little
things, while often ignoring the most essential and true things
that drive traffic :: {and revenue}.

For instance Google just announced the 19th Panda update adding it will only affect .07% of search results.

This news is essentially meaningless if your site is already seen
as popular.

I know this is old news to some, but for the benefit of my newest
readers let me remind everyone about why we get backlinks in the
first place.

Back in 1995 Google's geeky founders felt they had a better way to
sort rankings.

At that time the competing search engines relied heavily on

Their algorithms analyzed the code of each web page from top to
bottom, left to right looking for words.

These words were the key to what that page was about.

This way they could make an intelligent guess about what page to
serve up based on matching words typed into a search field with
words found on a page.

Not a bad plan.

But Sergey and Larry took it one step further.

They reasoned that another way to prioritize rankings was

Have you ever seen a line up outside a restaurant and thought it
must be good if so many would line up for a seat?

The line tells you something doesn't it?

Yes, it tells you the food must be good otherwise why would people

Google's algorithms are fundamentally programmed with similar logic.

Google's founders explained it by saying, "a link from another site
was like a vote."

If a lot of sites were *voting* for a page on your site then that
page was automatically migrated to the top using a form or web

Of course, it didn't take long for web entrepreneurs to figure this
out resulting in a kind of tug of war between Google and those
trying to engineer top rankings ever since.

Think Of Google As Your Partner

I'll admit to a little gaming-the-system in the early days.

But when Google took out dozens of my best affiliate sites in 2005
I saw the writing on the wall.

From 2005 until this day I am adamant about aligning my efforts to
appease Google's requirements, which are pretty simple to
understand if you mix in a little common sense with a basic
understanding of human nature.

Google wants one thing: a great match for every search query.

If someone types Pink Floyd they get Pink Floyd....probably their
official site at the top, a Wikipedia article after that,
merchandize, etc.

Google would never have become the worlds most popular search
engine unless their Engines reliably served up the most useful
information for users.

This is why I harp on quality content.

By quality I mean, well researched, well written, no typos, useful,
current, pictures, bullet points, great headlines, great sub

To ensure all of the above I've been hiring writers since 2004.

It was important back then, but now it is absolutely essential due
to the enormous volumes of competing content being published by
bloggers and mainstream media who now *get* the Internet.

Luckily for me I've developed a fair bit of expertise in this area
even going so far as to develop in-house software to manage teams
of writers, editors and project managers.

And luckily for you I can get the job done on your behalf if you
would rather pay someone else to do it.

You can learn more about this at the link below.

To your online success!


NEW Service: we are thinking of expanding our PAD publishing to
include Blog Article Publishing. This means we will publish
quality content to your own site on a schedule using the same
talented team we currently employ for PAD

If this could be of interest to you lease contact Charles Johnston
and we'll work out a reasonable price.

Charles's email:
Skype Phone: 604-728-469
Skype name: herekittykitcar

1) PAD Service :: My team writes & publishes your PAD articles.

Order 30 PAD articles as a set or sign up for a Rankings
Maintenance Program (RaMP) and get 7 PAD articles published every
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2) Prebuilt Sites :: a quick-start program for those with an
understanding of affiliate programs who prefer to have the site set
up for them prior to launching a Backlink Campaign (PAD) :: {8
weeks of coaching included}.

Some who purchased a Prebuilt site also have ordered PAD articles.

A Prebuilt site is only for those who are committed and who can
afford it.

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