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Treson - At This Moment (Official HD Video) Melodies of 'love'...

'Treson - At This Moment'
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EEVblog #484 - Home Solar Power System Installation

Certified installation   Testimonial

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Casey Zeman Interviewed by Jo Barnes..Veterans on-line. Video #1 tool.

Engagement made by using video!  Video is the #1 tool and Google + HangOut      Look it up...by Casey Zeman

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Mayor W. Baldwin quoted in the Surrey Now News

Did he really May

André Rieu - In the Christmas Bakery (In der Weihnachtsbäckerei)

 In the Christmas Bakery ...In der Weihnachtsbäckerei...
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Canadian billionaire predicts end of US Dollar as world's reserve curren...

Is the US Dollar 'toast already'?

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Tesla Model S - A Musician's Dream Car...a real 'drum-car' www.teslamotors.com/customers

Tesla S..a happy customer. A Happy Moment of Surprise. No More Gasoline!!

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'Dollar valueless, about to crash' - World Bank whistleblower

'Dollar valueless, about to crash' - World Bank whistleblower.

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Megafactories - Tesla Model S | Zinatnieks Science TV40 min Presentation

Elon Musk, of Tesla; CEO and Co-founder w/ commentaries. 

Posted Dec 2013.

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Top 10 Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Best video of the month November 2013. [Stanford University Graduate of Business] and Entrepreneurs...

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The Surrey Board of Trade views the announcement of the increases in BC Hydro’s rates with concern in that the nine and six percent increases in the next two years (and lesser amounts in subsequent years) will be a significant challenge to many businesses in a time when the economy is still not strong.

“The economy is still struggling as are many of our members and increases to electricity rates will be a difficult challenge for many businesses including public institutions,” said Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade.  

“At the same time we recognize that the aging grid and power generation infrastructure across the province must be addressed.”  The question is how much infrastructure is being added and how is the administration of independent power suppliers proceeding.

“The fact that the rate increases are known well in advance may afford businesses time to make the necessary adjustments to meet these increases,” she said. It was noted though that most business that are major consumers of power have already completed their plans and pricing and booked sales for next year.

This is a little late for these big firms to have any agility to offset these increases in the short run.

Additionally, such plans as the greater investment ($1.6 million) in the Power Smart program, along with the launch of a rate design review process to examine ways to provide industrial customers with more options to reduce their electricity costs, are welcome.

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Re- Routing the Rail Corridor: From 'Rails to Trails' (+playlist) ENJOY.

"Will the Burlington Northern Santa Fe [BNSF] Railroad Track Along the Marine Drive Seaside in White Rock BC Become History?"

Here is a video provided by City of Surrey [to the best of my knowledge]. The video is featuring the Mayor of Surrey, Dianne Watts [keynote speaker at this rail-safety-public forum on the 26th Oct. 2013 held in the Pacific Inn on King George Blvd,Surrey] and White Rock mayor Wayne Baldwin. 

Questions related to the issue surrounding 'will the present rail corridor and locations, rout, remain as is or will there be a change in the alignment of tracks away from the seaside going inland instead...Three viabe alternatives were discussed/shown to the public at the forum.....

Courtesy note by Johan Sandstrom, BComm. White Rock BC
JohanPublisher@gmail.com    http://healthy360.blogspot.com

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Institutional Corruption - Opening Lecture

Institutional Corruption  -  Opening Lecture

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André Rieu - The Second Waltz (Shostakovich)

André Rieu - 
The Second Waltz (Shostakovich)

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André Rieu - Morgens um Sieben

'Morgens um Sieben' Relax & enjoy.

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George Carlin - 10 Commandments...'Diligently reasoned & explained....'

George Carlin...'a classic and wake-up call for all who slumber on their sofas...' Enjoy the 'clarity...' - The 10 Commandments...'Diligently reasoned & explained....' George Carlin again saying what you do not dare to say publicly. Stand-up artist, comedian, author and more 'massaging our global cultures and minds'.

Courtesy by johanpublisher@gmail.com   Johan Sandstrom, 

Sacred Spirit - (1994) Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans [Full A...

Culture. Traditions,  Heritage. Sacred Spirit......Chants & Dances & Instruments of the Native Americans.

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ClawfootSpa.com ...'Providing all You'll Need for Keeping Your Natural Beauty of Your Body'.

Welcome anytime...Click >>>  http://www.clawfootspa.com/shop-spa-products.html

"Local, safe, innovative formulations.  Products for your entire body...for your hands, arms, legs, feet and your skin.
May Your Christmas season and shopping be one of your best experiences this Christmas.
You'll be 'fine on-line' doing business with White Rock and South Surrey boutiques and select Merchants ready and able to serve your specific needs to keep, use yourself and use as gifts."

Warm regards

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'Dancing Firs' on Terry Road , White Rock BC - 'Your home away from home' -

Dancing Firs, is an executive luxury bed and breakfast, dedicated to creating a holistic, wellness orientated environment. Each of our three suite is equipped to provide you with the best possible sleep, clean air, and pure water - all things we often take for granted yet are necessary to rejuvenating our lives.
13894 Terry Road
White Rock, B.C.
Courtesy Compliments 
Johan Sandstrom, BComm. 

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Gelato Winner. 'Gelateria Italia' Awarded 2013 "Gelato De Oro" White Roc...


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Alfie Zappacosta - "Blame It On Me" from Blue Frog Entertainment & Recording Studios, White Rock BC

"Blue Frog on Johnston in White Rock..the elegant and a 'must to visit with your 'significant others'....well OK ..music, recording live and entertaining and an entertaining performance review and menu in 'lower mainlands' ; top studio capable of 60 plus attendance per performance..before or after dining on one of the superb eateries, retaurants by White Rock Seaside on Marine or up-town..enjoy. WhiteRockReporter's tips of the season."

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Do we really only have four years to live if the honey bee goes extinct?! In this lecture, you’ll learn the latest science about bee declines...

  SFU President's Faculty Lecture Series

President's Faculty Lecturer: Dr. Elizabeth Elle

Wed, 06 Nov 2013   7:00 PM
Elizabeth Elle is Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at SFU.  A member of national (the Canadian Pollination Initiative) and international (the Integrated Crop Pollination Project) collaborations.
Elizabeth’s research focuses on the impact of human activities (urbanization, agriculture, cattle grazing) on pollinator biodiversity, and how we can preserve pollination services to wildflowers and crops in the face of pollinator losses.

Are we having a pollination crisis?

You’ve probably seen it in the news: bees are in trouble, and farmers are worried about our food supply. Much of the press is on the managed honey bee, an important component of agricultural systems, but many of the earth’s 20,000 other species of bee are also experiencing population declines.  Is it cell phones? Pesticides? Habitat loss?
Do we really only have four years to live if the honey bee goes extinct?! In this lecture, you’ll learn the latest science about bee declines, about the many species of wild bees in B.C. and their contribution to both crop production and resilient natural ecosystems, and how everyone can contribute to pollinator conservation.
Registration: FREE
Studio 103 - Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
6450 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby

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LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS

Discovered by www.jimhumble.org    'natural mms' a rational effective cure of Malaria..read and listen on this video. Courtesy by Johan Sandstrom, johanpublisher@gmail.com

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Uploads from Johan Sandstrom (playlist)

Uploads indeed..some good some bad and some just about in-between..some professionally edited and usually paid for by a client...majority of the videos are 'ad-hoc',candid and non-rehearshed and not necessary conventionally edited, but made possible by videographer's eye for the possibilities on-site to manage the shoot [filming] to the satisfaction of the person ordering/requesting and permitted the video to be made on-site as desired.. 
Some video producers deploy the 'fake method and offer the customers/prospects [Beware] cookie/cutter, cut & paste method done inside a studio; those are usually going for the prices ranging from 200 to 300 dollars a piece. 
Usually a bad deal and method to pursue. For authentic video production and honest response call Johan Sandstrom, BComm. 604 538 5854 or EM: Johanpublisher@gmail.com. Thank you.www.whiterockradio.fm

"FrUv - Freedomwear..Dave based in Whistler visited at Yoga Show in Vanc...

8,730 unique visitors. Candid video footage from the Vancouver Yoga Fair. "FreedomWear"..Your Business and Website and Customers 'new and old', require a video or two , to arouse attention with those you consider your target market. To talk about your video or audio production to enhance your marketing efforts and sales..give Johan a call: +1 604 538 5854 Ask for Johan Sandstrom [google me] or EM: johanpublisher@gmail.com    Ask for references.


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BEST VIDEOS BY JOHAN SANDSTROM - PLAY 'EM ALL..Example: Custom Driveway Gates - Automatic Swing & Sliding Security Gates (+playl...

"Dream Gates by Pacifica Gates. Langley,  BC Canada
27,510 unique visitors..instructive, credible gate provider and manufacturer/fabricator on-site. 
Do You Want A Video Promotion, or Corporate Documentary Made by JohanPublisher@gmail.com - ask
for reference and more examples professionally made [no cookie cutter videos will be posted by us]. Audio productions can be reviewed >> www.WhiteRockReporter.com/category/interviews

Johan Sandstrom, BComm.  White Rock BC

Let me quote you a price and suggest to you a format..a scenario for best impact and result in your marketing mix for your business.. Call toll-free: +1 866 538 5854   [604 local area]Courtesy Johan Sandstrom Media Group and Associates.

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Andre'  Rieu

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Gelato Winner. 'Gelateria Italia' Awarded 2013 "Gelato De Oro" White Rock

5th year in a row Gelateria Italia is presented and awarded the coveted and Internationally recognized "Gelato de Oro" by the WhiteRockReporter in White Rock BC

Say Goodbye - 5/25/13 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center - [Multicam/Twea...

ay Goodbye - 5/25/13 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center - 

Friday, October 18, 2013
Surrey’s RCMP Honoured at Police Officer of the Year Awards
The Surrey Board of Trade’s 17th Annual Police Officer of the Year Awards was held on Thursday, October 17, at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel. 

The presenting sponsor was the BC Lottery Corporation, with media sponsors the Now Newspaper, News 1130 and BC Business. The supporting sponsorship was in memory of Tara Singh Hayer.
Dressed in red serge uniforms, many members along with Surrey’s Auxiliary officers, civilian employees and volunteers joined members of Surrey’s business community to celebrate those chosen by their peers and the public as those most worthy to receive the two Police Officer of the Year awards, as well as awards for top Auxiliary Officer, most deserving municipal employee working with the police service, top volunteer and business partner.
The gathering was addressed by Chief Superintendent Bill Fordy, Officer in Charge of the Surrey Detachment; Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts; and President and CEO of Canada Wide Media, Peter Legge.
The Surrey RCMP Detachment, the largest in Canada and second largest municipal force in BC, has over 650 officers and hundreds of support staff.
The winners are: (full descriptions are noted below):

Police Officer of the Year - Nominated by Community
-Sponsored by the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
Staff Sergeant Dean Scott

Police Officer of the Year - Nominated by Peers
-Sponsored by Blackwood Partners/Central City
Constable Taylor Quee

Arnold Silzer Community Policing Initiative Award
-Sponsored by Simon Fraser University
Special Constables Josh Waltman and Simon Wong
Police & Business Partnership Award
-Sponsored by McQuarrie Hunter LLP
Tino Fluckiger – 1-800-SHREDDING
Municipal Employee of the Year
-Sponsored by BC Lottery Corporation
Colleen Staresina
Auxiliary Constable of the Year
-Sponsored by the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel
Auxiliary Constable Lubos Hrasko
Volunteer of the Year
-Sponsored by ICBC
Cheryl Gardner

Police Team Award
-Sponsored by Whalley Printers
Serious Crime Team 1
Police Officer of the Year – Nominated by Community
-Sponsored by the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
Staff Sergeant Dean Scott
Staff Sergeant Dean Scott has served as a member of the RCMP for more than 35 years and is now the Staff Sergeant for District 2, Guildford. Staff Sergeant Dean Scott and his team work closely with Guildford Town Centre on matters of security, identifying suspects, apprehending them, and keeping the environment safe, clean and customer friendly, in order to improve the perception of the Guildford area. Through his continued commitment, he has been instrumental in reducing crime in the area and creating a plan to handle the influx of patrons that will now be coming to the Guildford area.  Under the leadership of Dean Scott, crime in the District 2 area has greatly been reduced. Ask anyone who calls on Dean for help and you will receive glowing reports on his compassion, willingness to help, and his dedication to a job well done. Staff Sergeant Dean Scott is the perfect example of a dedicated and engaged leader.

Police Officer of the Year – Nominated by Peers
-Sponsored by Blackwood Partners/Central City
Constable Taylor Quee
During the past 3 years Constable Taylor Quee has sought improvements regarding the interactions that police and other agencies have with clients that exhibit mental health issues. Her passion for working with Mental Health clients developed during her various postings in Surrey Detachment. Her observations led her to believe that improvements could be made regarding the amount of time police and other agencies were spending with certain prolific clients.  She standardized the way in which police and other agencies dealt with Mental Health clients. Constable Quee took a lead role and put structure to the Mental Health Forum. In a self-generated pilot project, she created a client base for the Forum. She coordinated and researched how other North American police agencies respond to their Mental Health clients and interviewed personnel from 10 different police departments. From that, she crafted a business case that recommended, and ultimately led to, the creation of a new position, Police Mental Health Liaison Officer.

Volunteer of the Year
-Sponsored by ICBC
Cheryl Gardner
In 2008, Cheryl became involved with the Surrey RCMP as a Block Watch Captain. Her enthusiasm for crime prevention initiatives provided by the Surrey RCMP evolved into becoming a district volunteer as well. Within her role as a Block Watch Captain, Cheryl reinvigorated the Block Watch for her complex, which was on the verge of dissolving.  The condo building she lives in was experiencing nuisance crimes, so Cheryl arranged for a security assessment on the building and took the necessary steps to implement the change. Some of these changes include nightly patrols of the exterior of the building to ensure all exit doors are properly locked and keeping tabs on vehicles parked within the visitor parking. She assists with the maintenance of Block Watch files, generates Speed Watch letters warning registered owners that their vehicle was speeding, assists clients at the front counter or over the phone and a variety of other miscellaneous tasks. Wherever she is, she finds the opportunity to promote crime prevention programs, encouraging residents to join Block Watch to improve their neighbourhoods.

Auxiliary Constable of the Year
-Sponsored by the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel
Auxiliary Constable Lubos Hrasko
Lubos became an Auxiliary Constable on December 17, 2005. He has dedicated thousands of hours to the Auxiliary program, some years exceeding 600 hours. With this experience, Lubos was soon recognized by his peers as a leader - a go-to person, and trusted by the members as a reliable, experienced “2nd member” in the car. During his time as an Auxiliary, Lubos has been stationed at the South Surrey District 5 Office. The Auxiliary Coordinator awarded Lubos’ experience and leadership through a senior Auxiliary status. Auxiliary Constables with limited experience would be paired with Lubos at events and community patrols to gain insight and experience from him. Lubos approached the District 5 office with a new initiative which would allow an experienced auxiliary to be paired with another auxiliary to attend to areas known as “hotspots” to provide visibility and presence to these active areas. These initiatives have been both beneficial and productive.

Arnold Silzer Community Policing Initiative Award
-Sponsored by Simon Fraser University
Special Constables Josh Waltman and Simon Wong           
Special Constables Waltman and Wong are both recent recipients of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals. They are tuned in to the needs of local businesses and the community, and support the District 1 Community Response Unit. Josh and Simon often volunteer at other community events, whether it be as dancers in a youth flash mob or dressed like Santa and his Elf at a Senior’s Christmas dinner. As the Surrey RCMP polices a large geographical area, and the downtown core attracts a large police presence, Simon and Josh helped identify the need to improve the RCMP’s presence in the outer skirts of the neighborhood.  They did so by putting RCMP Pop-Up Police Stations in areas that weren’t visited as frequently by police. At these highly visible stations, they put up RCMP tents, manned the sites along with Crime Prevention Coordinators, police officers, and volunteers.

Police and Business Partnership Award
-Sponsored by McQuarrie Hunter LLP
Tino Fluckiger, 1-800-SHREDDING
Since 2009, 1-800-SHREDDING has donated their time and equipment multiple times per year for Shred-A-Thon events held in Surrey. The company’s owner, Tino is very community minded and enjoys seeing the good that this event brings. The event is well received by the community and besides the goal of preventing Identity Theft, cash and food donations are collected for local Food Banks. Thanks to 1-800-SHREDDING these events enable small businesses to save money while preventing Identity Theft. To-date, close to $20,000 has been raised for the Food Banks in North and South Surrey. Tino and the staff from 1-800-SHREDDING have always stepped up to be there with their large truck for these events. They assist the public with unloading their vehicles and getting the paper into their truck for shredding.

Municipal Employee of the Year Award
-Sponsored by BC Lottery Corporation
Colleen Staresina
In April 2007, Colleen began her employment at City of Surrey RCMP. Looking for a volunteer opportunity, she took up the call to assist with the SPURS Youth group of the Surrey RCMP. Currently, Colleen is also in her sixth year on the board of the Block Watch Society of BC.  As President she travels to various jurisdictions around the province as a volunteer to assist with their Block Watch programs or start new ones. She also sits as Treasurer on the Board of the BC Crime Prevention Association, is an Emergency Social Services volunteer and a Block Watch Captain on her own residential street, and has worked for three years as a Big Sister in the school mentoring program. Colleen initiated and developed a training session for landlords called “So You Want To Be a Landlord” in response to landlord/tenant issues. This program is now being shared in other police jurisdictions. In February 2013, Colleen was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her lifetime commitment to the community and her volunteer work.

Police Team Award
-Sponsored by Whalley Printers
Serious Crime Team 1
The Surrey Detachment Major Crime Section has three Serious Crime teams, each consisting of one Sergeant Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge, three Corporals, and three Constables. The mandate of the Serious Crime Unit is investigating the most serious criminal offences that occur in the City of Surrey, not limited to: Homicides, Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Kidnapping, Unlawful Confinement, Suspicions Sudden Deaths, and Internal Investigations and Reviews as directed by the Officer In Charge of Investigative Services. Serious Crime Team 1 demonstrates the advanced and strategic investigative skill and experience of the team coupled with their ability to gather admissible evidence within the realms of the law and knowledge of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada. The level of commitment, dedication, and perseverance exemplified by Serious Crime Team 1 has significantly contributed to community safety in Surrey.

Anita Patil Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade
An Accredited Chamber of Commerce with Distinction from the Chamber Accreditation Council of Canada
Direct: 604-634-0342
Cell: 604-340-3899

Published/Posted as courtesy by Johan Sandstrom, BComm. www.whiterockreporter.com

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Welcome home and to "Royce" on Thrift Avenue , White Rock BC

Describing this attractive and well planned condo and home development is frankly as difficult as it sometimes can be to define and describe a wonderful, vibrant an astute and effective beautiful woman..a home maker or other professional with all faculties in order and intact.

You may feel that the analogy deployed here is a trifle far fetched and may be for some intimidating and out of place or just brutally rude. If that should be the case you do not know me, writing these lines. and how much and intensive I value my opposite gender.Do you need to know? Not really.
However my mantra is simply this “ Without women the world would be nothing, period." 
There is no replacement and in my world I still consider my opposite sex a gift from above given to mankind.

On a different note...now over to “Royce” on Thrift Avenue [very close to Oxford] White Rock, BC.

On the other hand I think you can see some resemblance of character both in interior design, planning/layout and choice of materials, as examples when I describe the alternative plans and variations, options, made reasonable for the home buyer to choose from. It was great to start by visiting the website; www.RoyceLiving.com  I recommend to enhance any further conversation and list of questions that may be answered.

“Royce on Thrift” I sometimes write and exclaim when having conversations about this God given location with extra ordinary options of homes with possibly the best and desired ocean view where the Semiahmoo Bay is making “Royce on Thrift the very solitaire precious jewel of the Semiahmoo Peninsula. So now I have said that.

I can imagine couples young with or without children and some retired and ready to take a new plunge into a new life leaving an established 20, 25 or 35 year old and long permanent home base of sorts behind and now maybe deciding to downsize for rational reasons and for improved comfort in a different lifestyle.  
To move in to make a second, upgrade by selecting a new cozy and modern environment. A new residence and indeed the new dream home. The plans available for customers to chose from are many and of different size.

It seems to me that there is a plan, size and layout which will fit most buyers of a new home in this location its owners natural beauty ocean and near the sea views right from the balconies and patios or penthouse terrace....but one need to be first in line to get the ‘best choice’. A little over two acres is designed and drawn to place comfortably 87 homes.

Forge Properties; the builders are working closely with Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd.,as their services provider to launch all viable sections required to create sales and marketing planning and implementation.

The “Royce” Display Suite and Presentation facility is gorgeous, elaborate and what I understand has and still is very much instrumental in the process of closing ‘deals’ or sales and to build the desired and real credibility Forge Properties reputation stand for and which Forge has earned over time and superior performance.

Forge Properties has established itself in a very firm and open manner to earn the the ‘title’ of community builder #1 in this grand seaside community and resort village,destination, a city and vacation resort..and you may call it anything and everything. 

White Rock itself is a multi-faceted jewel by itself and “Royce” may not be an honoured automobile brand and make here, but is very close as far as minute detail of quality, builder’s craftsmanship and elegant choice of details like marble, kitchen cupboard and benches. 
State of the art high-end kitchen appliances makes the kitchen a most efficient and well functioning workstation and area you may say, for the whole family.

From laundry facilities all the way down to the garage and a pet washing room/stall, just indicates the level of concerns and care and clear thinking practiced by the architects behind the total plans for this grand development of homes and layouts leaving a footprint of charm and opulence.

The visitors are drawn to “Royce” as if gravity had something real important to do with the attention and desire given and clearly delivered daily by both the local residential public in White Rock  but also from potential buyers from the Lower Mainland and the Semiahmoo Peninsula area of communities such as Ladner, Ocean Park and Crescent Beach in South Surrey; actions making the sales force on-site both content, happy, and some days confused if not only surprised and filled with pleasure of thoughts..

Having spoken to Cory Saran during one of my interviews and conversations with him and on the subject 'living' at "Royce" I again must confess there is a lot more to write about, but in conclusion please hear me out on the following which I just couldn't leave out and away for any reader of this.

One may ask if it is the hardwood floor, real wood floor of Swedish oak or the select unique one of a kind marble surfaces, the fridge or freezer or kitchen sinks in stainless steel or perhaps the space made suitable and to serve as ‘wine cellar per se?

It could be the door handles or the white lacquered door blades or kitchen cabinets.. I am just guessing some of this is of essence when looking to buy a home but I am sure that I can find many other contributing factors making so many people genuinely ‘fall in love with “Royce”.

The open layouts I believe is a prime major point of sales; the smart plans in conjunction with the ambiance and positioned large windows to frame the outstanding seaside and ocean views is topping the list creating attraction and a warm cozy and rational feeling of security  and comfort making many feel at home already in the display suite in the presentation facility.

“Royce on Thrift” Avenue, seem to be breathing magic and select frequencies that must be favouring and given in the air to benefit only those sensitive visitors who can detect and act upon positive and healthy ambiance created by healthy fresh air due to the nearness of the ocean, its water and nature.

“Royce on Thrift” is the place one need to visit to fully grasp the magnitude of what is already stated as ‘the jewel’ of the Semiahmoo Peninsula; so close to the sea shores of the Semiahmoo Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

From a more practical and realistic point of view the term ‘downsizing’ is the word that comes to mind when talking lifestyles and eventual changes of locations.

Some wish to travel and not be burdened by ‘yesterdays goods’ you may say. Today many wishes freedom and just love their grandkids and children. Love can be a reality also from a distance so some move to Mexico or Belize for half a year or shorter.

One my find snow birds and other categories of home buyers having totally different perspectives.

There is place also for those gifted families, couples or single home owners that find the convenience and comfort of ‘just living’ a great asset, but clearly it can  be said here that.”Downsizing has never been this upscale and affordable”.

I am speaking of course about the , one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom  residences at “Royce”. Whatever your choice the feeling of being home or alternatively on a never ending  holiday will be the result when your neighbours in a friendly manner wishes you ‘Bon Voyage.Amigos’. [French and Spanish; I like the combination when you travel. Well, then you will be truly elevated and delighted by a  greeting when hearing ‘Welcome Home’!

Exclusive, elegant in every detail makes living ‘good and the best’ At the "Royce" on Thrift in White Rock.
Panorama ocean views and stunning impressions are left to those many with ocean views.Most units do offer views and are  facing south. See for yourself.

Make your special appointment by calling  604 538 8028

Check out the web site: www.RoyceLiving.com