Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wayne Baldwin is the New Mayor of White Rock. Inauguration ceremony 5th ...

The New Mayor of White Rock, BC Canada
Inauguration Ceremony 5 Dec. 2011.

Friday, November 18, 2011

From Former Councillor Matt Todd to Mr. Wayne Baldwin, Mayoral Candidate White Rock.

Please pass this on to your friends and contacts.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Matt Todd <>
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 5:47 PM
Subject: The reason I am voting Wayne Baldwin for White Rock Mayor
To: Vote ForChange <>

Wayne Baldwin has the right attitude to be a great mayor for White Rock.

As a member of city council, I worked alongside Mr.Baldwin when he was the city manager.

There was a long list of things that we disagreed on. This could have been a barrier. It could have prevented us from being constructive in our service to citizens. However, he had an approach to problem-solving that I began to call the “Baldwin Road Map to Yes.”

Even when he thought an idea wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t judge or try to stop me from pursuing it. Instead, he would ask questions and share information on the issue. The challenges would be explained so that I knew what needed to be done to reach my goal. He wouldn’t say “no,” he would say, “yes, if.”

We would create a Road Map to Yes. With a map to guide me, I understood what potential problems had to be addressed. Sometimes I didn’t reach my goal – either because the concept was impractical or the challenges insurmountable – but for other initiatives, we were able to accomplish some very significant improvements for the residents of White Rock.

This is the kind of attitude I want in a mayor. Someone who is open-minded enough to listen to crazy ideas. Someone who doesn’t say no, but asks why and how. Someone who listens, fits what he hears into the big picture, and then translates it into action.

This fosters creativity and innovation. And that’s exactly what White Rock needs: fresh ideas, respect for diversity of perspectives, and a results driven can-do attitude. Baldwin will bring out the best in White Rock.

Matt Todd
White Rock City Council Member 2002-2008


Wayne Baldwin 

White Rock Matters

Monday, October 31, 2011

BOXCAR WILLIE - Walbash Cannonball

Boxcar Willie. Turn up your speakers and enjoy some genuine hoboo doboo hillie willie....compliments 'all candidates running for a seat in White Rock municipal election on Nov. 19th 2011..enjoy and do go voting....

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Your Dream Condo & Place in Paradise: White Rock Seaside from $295.000-Luxury Location

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Al Campbell states it's all about US. Many respond and says: 'We Hope It is not, but White Rock!'

From the 'Campbell mansion' and residence on the hillside and the seaside by Vidal Street in White Rock BC the campaign sign speaks its own language; loud and clear..."it's all about US" ...I say Wrong and ask for a revision of the mis-directed mantra pointing toward the United States...!!
Amend to read: "It's all about our community and our city by the sea"

Monday, October 10, 2011

'Make Video Your Winning Game!'

"Make it today! Delaying for tomorrow doesn't make sense. Grab the lion by the tail" Then you can call the zoo".
Be well. ...Your video producing team. EM now and set an appointment to see us, please.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Candidate Aiming for Mayor's Seat Mr. Wayne W. Baldwin, BSc.. MEng. M.B.A - White Rock BC

"Mr. Wayne Baldwin 'wants the Mayor's Seat in White Rock' on November 19th 2011"
Mr. Wayne Baldwin of White Rock, BC, as seen visiting at the 'White Rock Farmers Market' on this Sunday of the 9th Oct 2011
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exfoliating your Face-Weekly in White Rock at

Exfoliate Your Face - Weekly in White Rock at
To make sure your make-up goes on smoothly, and to keep the face pure and clean, it is imperative to exfoliate on a regular basis. .
Beauty experts recommend to exfoliate once or maybe twice a week,
Note: Exfoliating too often can damage the pH level of your skin and actually make your skin look dry and deteriorate.

Take care of your skin; ‘your largest organ of your body’.

Maintain pH level and keep moisturizing level when needed. Do not use harsh exfoliating products meant for the body... Seek to find and use a product specifically meant  for the face.

Use a wash cloth
Wet a wash cloth (which can add to the exfoliating effect) and put the exfoliating substance for a  face wash and exfoliating treatment, on it.
Now, rub lightly the prepared face-wash cloth in circular motions on your face. Work gently and be generous with time and space of surface to be exfoliated. Remember the ear lobes.and any ‘zones of your concern' and all over the face.
Rinsing your face thoroughly and letting the face dry is equally important to attain a good result.
When dry, add a lotion to your face and whatever elese is your choice.
It is usually not necessary to steam more than twice weekly.. Heat up water in a kettle on the stove and remove before turning into a boil.
[Place a bowl nearby to use in the process, later].
You can place fresh herbs into the hot water thus creating a fresh scent from either Mint or Rosemary.

Your Face’ Steam Bath.
Take the bowl. Place the bowl on the table and fill it with the heated water.
Sit down at the table with your face over the bowl and a towel over your head. ‘Make a tent’ over your head and face.

Keep your face at a comfortable distance from the hot steaming water in the bowl; not so close you hurt from the heat, but not too far away so that no results are achieved.
The point being that the steam should and will open the pores of your skin.

Once the steam bath of the face is finished, gently use a mild soap and rinse your face with lukewarm water and a wash cloth. Dry and then you are ready for the next step.

The next step being the ‘facial mask’. For more information, do please feel free to contact the staff of Natural Oasis at any time. - By Appointment Only -  Tel. 604 541 2543 

Tips provided by
White Rock’s ‘Natural Oasis Day Spa’ , 1115 Vidal Street, White Rock BC
Telephone:  +1 604 541 2543

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Fido" and SkyNet hearing your needs for wireless devices at Grand Opening

Grand opening of 12th location of new 'Fido' store in Alder Crossing on King George Blvd., near Toyota and next by Choices Market.
Two gentlemen proudly declaring their intention to serve and be available to make you a happy and content Fido mobile customer.
Mobile is in and being on-line is a must these days.
Candid-Video by:

Courtesy of
'Video & Audio Content Communication Services Provider to Businesses' We can make you look like a pro on-line, on video..ask:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wayne Baldwin Running for a seat on White Rock Council . Election 19th Nov. 2011.

An Excerpt from the blog of Mr. Wayne Baldwin running for a seat on Council in White Rock, BC, 19th November 2011 is the Civic Election.

Read the website of Mr. Wayne Baldwin::

Here is an excerpt from the website

and blog::



Further Explanation to White Rock Salary Issues
My letter to the Peace Arch News editor was mentioned, but not printed as originally written. While I appreciate their willingness to broadcast the concerns I have over the salary issues mentioned, I want to explain some things a little bit more. Here we go ...


On Sept 13 the PAN printed an article, attached to this blog, based on a letter which I had submitted to the Editor on Sept 2. While the article somewhat captures the sense of the letter it does not truly represent my concerns. To a degree , it comes off as a "sour grapes" kind of rant which was not my intent.

My real concern is that this Council does not appear to know what it is doing and is making decisions without really understanding the ramifications of the decision. This salary discussion was just one example of that.

In the letter, I pointed out that the City Manager was hired in 2006, at an agreed upon rate of $140,000 annually which could be revised at the discretion of Council. For 2007 she received $149,988. In 2008 she received $153,912. For 2009 she jumped way up to $180,917 and jumped again for 2010 to $194,535 (of which some portion was cash in lieu of time off). This represents an increase of $54,535 in annual salary (39%) in just four years.

By way of comparison, the pay for the Surrey City Manager went from $250,334 in 2007, to $252,913 in 2008, and $265,962 in 2009. For some reason it actually dropped in 2010 to $263,085. So over 4 years there was an increase of about $15,600 annually or 6%.

Another , more relevant comparator, would be the City of Port Moody's City Manager. Port Moody is the closest to White Rock in population in Metro Vancouver. In 2007, their CM received $154,272 and in 2008 he got $158,208. By 2009 it had risen to $167,593. For some reason in 2010 he received only $161,807. Over the comparable 4 years (and using the maximum spread) he had an increase of only about $9000 or about 6%.

So, the question has to be asked why would Surrey's City Manager and Port Moody's City Manager receive wage increases of 6% while White Rock's City Manager goes up by nearly 40%? Moreover, why would we pay our City Manager $30,000 more annually than the somewhat larger City of Port Moody pays theirs?

Notwithstanding the City Manager's wages an even more astounding situation exists for the position of Director of Municipal Engineering and Operations.

In February, 2010, the City's Director of Operations left his job to take a job in Langley. Instead of hiring a new Engineer at about $125,000 per year, the City retained a Planner to fill the position on contract until July, 2012. The contract person is paid at the rate of $125/ hr. He doesn't get paid anything if for any reason he is absent. In 10 months in 2010 he was paid $182,883. Nearly $60,000 more than the previous engineer would have been paid for 12 months!

I do not know what he has been paid to date for 2011, but if he takes no vacation and is not sick, he can make about $250,000 - almost what the Surrey City Manager would take home. It could be much higher with overtime which is doled out at the discretion of the City Manager. This is roughly $125,000 more per year than the City would have paid a qualified employee.

So here's the point of the exercise:

If those two were paid in the range they should be, the City would have saved in the order of $150,000 in taxes in 2011. That is nearly 1% off your taxes !
The Engineering advice being given to City Council on infrastructure problems and policies is coming from a Planner not an Engineer. That is kind of like getting advice about how to fix your home's shorted out electrical circuit from a landscaper rather than an electrician.

So, as I said it came off sounding a bit like sour grapes or even a National Enquirer expose. In fact, it is all about knowing what you are doing and having a Council that is knowledgeable and spends the money we entrust them with wisely and with care.
Posted by Wayne Baldwin at 20:16

Sunday, September 18, 2011

'Bus Layover & Nuisance Claimed by Residents of 'Pacific Terrace' Now r...

Garage Sale at Pacific Terrace on Russell Avenue in White Rock is opening doors and opportunity for the White Rock reporter to discover how the debacle about Pacific Terrace and bus layovers was resolved and came to a conclusion.
The layover in White Rock, of busses, is now relocated to Thrift Now in the neigbourhoods backyard on Thrift Avenue or will it be a final solution by the community of White Rock to make a lay-over bus location next to Active Living Centre in Centennial Arena vicinity?
Ask the responsible at tel # 604 541 2100 ..they will direct inquiries to whom it may concern.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming civic election in November 19, 2011.

Sponsored by 'Candid-Video'

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"White Rock Sun" Mr. Dave Chesney, Publisher & Editor will run for a seat in Council , White Rock Election in November 2011.

"Chesney already has a 'place in the Sun' and Now looking for a 'place in New Council'
4th September 2011, photographed at 'Farmers Market' in White Rock BC, White Rock Council Candidate for the upcoming Election in November 2011, Mr. David [Dave] Chesney took a turn working in the vegetable stand this sunny day at the popular farmers market.
Here seen with friends, in the veggie stand.
Dave Chesney is the owner and founder of the E-Tabloid 'The White Rock Sun" an electronic news 'paper' of sorts.
Recommend you take a look and review daily this popular 'on the edge' local media on the Internet.

In the centre, during the break from selling cukes and potatoes of the species named 'Bintje', Dave Chesney is now preparing his campaign and extending his circle of local potential followers and friends ready to cast a vote for Chesney on November 19 2011.

Courtesy by
'covering news and video interviews of Candidates for the upcoming civic municipal election November 2011 on the website:

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

An "Outside of the Box" event by Alicia M.B. Ballard, artist/creator Whi...

"A gathering of prominent and curious invited guests were assembled in the newly renovated and rebuilt White Rock Museum and Archives building on the seaside of this tranquil resort for residents and tourists alike. The day is the very first day of September 2011. Weather is giving and generous with warm winds and a great opportunity for all guests to also frequent the early evening breeze and gorgeous sunset in sight.
The lady and subject to much of the attention Alicia Ballard mingled with all and friends of yesterday as well. Alicia most certainly felt bewildered and surprised by the attention the project "Fiber-Fusion" an assembly of over thirty works respresenting a total of twenty-six [26] artists from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela Brazil, Argentina, Peru Spain, and Romania..all members of the exclusive congregation called 'Colectivo Virtuosi Infraganti Collective'."

For details please visit:
'FiberFusion': at the White Rock Museum & Archives, September 1 - 30, 2011.

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Sun setting" in Semiahmoo Bay Aug. 2011 - by Johan Prost, White Rock, BC

"Sails down and spirits in top. The evening is celebrated with warm calm breeze and BBQ on deck. Both of us are friends of Zinfandel although I would prefer an obstinate sharp Merlot of good year. Breaking with the chicken and my own salad of Choices Own Pente..all brought to a conclusive end of a day's journey at the end of the breakation so well deserved.
White Rock Marina and Harbour we will welcome tomorrow. Tonight we anchor at sea with promise of calm and moderate sea soothing our senses and enhancing the act of sleeping and rest and peace...with only sea birds to contend with....I say 'sleep well you...'land crabs' out there on the distant pier with its promenade".
- Johan Prost

Photo: Johan Sandstrom, BComm.
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White Rock, BC, Personal. Councilor Helen Fathers run for re-election vo...

From: Whiterockreporter | Sep 1, 2011 | 2 views
A declaration of independence and hopeful White Rock first term councilor in White Rock Mrs. Helen Fathers confirming she wish to be re-elected and continue work in the community of White Rock, BC
To get in touch with Helen Fathers use Email: or

Website Visit Helen Fathers' site, go to:

Tel.: 604 - 897-3276

Twitter connection: twitter @helenfathers


Helen's Campaign message [pending] as on brochures and more will be noted and quoted here:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

White Rock, Vidal Str.[by 'The BoatHouse]..."Fresh Slice Pizza" Anniversary 1st Oct. 2011 'Pizza Feast' Tel 604 560 5000. ;

Great One Year Anniversary on 1st October 2011 on the Marine Drive/ Vidal Street in White Rock, BC - "Fresh Slice Pizza" Anniversary..
Tel 604 560 5000. Welcome!

'Love it....although nothing deserves more love than a great veggie fresh slice pizza with black olives and a happy smile when you enter this tranquil, clean and well managed ‘pizza parlor’ I must give kudos to the staff and owner Jeff and wife Amber.'

'Yes, the dough is special and healthier in comparison to others I have come across. Multi-grain dough; flour, malt flour, bran flakes and rye flour. Multi-grain dough, fresh sauces and Mozzarella made from skim milk ..all to create the very ultimate ‘healthy Alternative Pizza! You’ve got to taste it.'

The very special Anniversary Event Day Specials are: October 1, 2011
By presented Special Coupon, Any XL Pizza Slice FREE
Between 1 PM to 3 PM.
[Special conditions may apply] Valid only on October 1, 2011.

16” XL Pizzas ONLY $7.99 and
First Ten Customers Get One 16 “ XL Pizza - FREE

All special anniversary offers mentioned in this article apply only to Fresh Slice Pizza at 1113 Vidal Street in White Rock on the 1 Oct. 2011.

Pick-Up or Dine-In...
Your Choice. To Order for delivery call 604 560 5000.

Any slice @$ 1.56

A box of ‘any eight [8]’ slices @$ 10.49

Outside of Anniverary Festivities of Pizza-Madness one can find the classic Tuesday event we know of for soon over a year...The Every Tuesday @$ 1.00 [a dollar for one slice up to 8 of your choice from the warmer. Wow....!

Make your own Combo 3 topping pizza Xtra Large 16” Pick-up $11.99 Delivery $16.99
Add extra Cheesy Bread $3.00, 2 litre Pop Add $2.00 or Ceasar’s Salad, add $3.00

Located in White Rock, across from the Boathouse on Vidal Street [by the main strip of Marine Drive West] you cannot miss it.

Note: Only for the Anniversary Feast and Fiesta there are some very special undertakings on the part of the owners and staff. Example can be: Any XL 16” [extra large] $11.99 [SAVE 8 DOLLARS AND PICK-UP ONLY].

For your information Fresh Slice Pizza has 60 other locations.
- Voted #1 Pizza 3 Years in a row by Vancouver Consumers! -

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dave Chesney, comments on 'Princess Event'

Inreased attention and interest for the "Princess Party" fundraiser to benefit children. This year with help from White Rock Fire Department.many other volunteers making the event a memorable one for all 'little Princesses and sponsors assembled at the 'Star of the Sea' this Saturday 27 Aug. 2011.
David Chesney is the publisher and editor of the local electronic news- 'paper'; the

From "Princess Album" Event @ Star of the Sea Visited by WhiteRock

Almost all princess participant gathered on the floor and singing on the parental agenda.
This seems to be a very well received and much appreciated event and into its 2nd annual fundraiser liked by both princesses and their parents.
Think what a bright and worthwhile initiative..a small idea growing bigger and bigger....thanks to founder and creator of it all Mrs. Myra Merkal.
Learn more.
Go to
For more about White Rock in general log on to:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Safe Bathing Centre in White Rock & Surrey, Langley BC. Talk to Gary...

Safe Bathing Centre in White Rock & Surrey, Langley BC. Talk to Gary...
This is the short story: BC Walk in Bath & Shower Huge variety of CSA approved Tubs, BBB Wholesaler-In house installers [Canadian Safety Association]. When you invest in this concept of confort and safety please make sure you do your 'due diligence' before you go ahead to buy. Mr. Gary Donohoe, Director of Sales and Marketing [ EMail: ] is making notes for the viewer to observe. The Safe Bathing Centre's showroom in White Rock is a great source and destination to frequent when wanting 'to know the rest of the story' as Paul Harvey would have put it. The website is simply a complement and valuable source to go to find out more details but the personal and family based business dealing with safety, hygien and comfort may not be overlooked or neglected. The 'person to person contact is appreciated and available to you who wish to contact and inquire. Website: "Safe Bathing Centre.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lynn Kanuka : Short intro of "StreetStrider" indeed new tool to enhance...

Be aktiv every day...train, exercise as hard or as little as you like.."StreetStrider" can be your companion.
There are no limits and if you wish Email and ask Lynn Kanuka about the "StreetStrider"
Email: and ask how to become a rider...and fit for fun and health

"Street Strider" Lynn Kanuka & 'part Elliptical Machine & part Bike', Su...

The ride and exercise for your life....Lynn Kanuka is making life easier for exercising...does the 'StreetStrider' replace any of the presently deployed work-out tools in gyms? Well, fresh air comes to mind.and point well taken. It's all about our health and 'anything goes' it seems. But this 'machine' certainly have taken a firm place in the minds of those already ordering and awaiting delivery of their own "StreetStrider" ...3-gear or an 8-geared ..who knows. ...just start your ride for your health.
For more information contact: Lynn Kanuka "StreetStrider" Tel: 778 891 7870 or EM:

Monday, July 18, 2011

"StreetStrider" Lynn Kanuka: Lower Mainland BC, Vancouver & White Rock Surrey, Ocean Park & Langley, Cloverdale, Whistler. Tel 778 891 7870

"StreetStrider" and Lynn Kanuka is a great combination for exercise and beats pole-walking and tri-cycling and car pun intended.
This new inventive 'cycle' will make your life and work-out fun and need a helmet.
Question of the month: "'How do you 'find the time' to exercise?

For details call: 778 891 7870 and ask about the "StreetStrider"

Friday, July 15, 2011

'Summer is also a busy period for Surfside Flooring in White Rock BC'....

Listen to Dora Belyk who states what her and Brian's company can do for flooring buyers. Service is important and then experience from people who laid floors long before starting a flooring company.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Mystic Leaf Tea Haus" & Emily Zhang bring tea news to White Rock

Indeed a great experience to meet with three tea ladies so involved in the art of tea consumption and the qualities of teas.
Call to make reservations: 604 560 5808..You will feel very good and you're Welcome!

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Aji [Ah-Hee] Gourmet by Mrs. Dyana Biagi 'add spice to your life'

started small in my own kitchen and then the 'word got out; and spread...spices and knowledge I guess I got from my Canadian mother...The Aji is natural and filled with spices and available in different recipies and combinations most of which I have invented and combined myself.
Tel:: 604 542 1871

Farmers market is only one of several locations I show my presence. Choices stores in the lower mainland in BC, Whole Foods, Vancouver and small specialty stores carry my gourmet products.
This is a family business and both my son, daughter and husband contribute in the marketing required.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Robert Genn, Artist, Author, Authority..."Can Painting Improve Your Health" ?....a letter to share.

I received this weeks' Letter from Robert Genn and wish to share it as is:

"Can painting improve your health?"

July 8, 2011

Dear Johan,

Yesterday, Donna MacDonald of Calgary, Alberta wrote, "Is there a possibility
that painting might improve your health? I've suffered from chronic migraines
for over 30 years and I've noticed an amazing phenomenon. On the days that I
paint I don't get a migraine! At first I thought it was a coincidence but after
close observation to the timing it's become evident that there's a correlation.
I started painting full time 5 years ago and it has literally changed my life!
Have you heard of this?"

Thanks, Donna.
Migraines are one of the most frequently reported maladies of
artists. So when you mentioned you don't have them when you're painting, it
was music to my ears. Migraines are still not fully understood by the medical
profession. There are several main types, and adult women are three times more
likely to have them as adult men. "Triggers" like stress, hunger, drink, diet
and bright or moving lights can set them off. Apparently, a neurotransmitter
called serotonin plays a role. Low serotonin levels in the brain may lead to
constriction of blood vessels. Serotonergic agonists like triptins, LSD or
psilocin can activate serotonin receptors to stop a migraine.

Many painters find painting to be a leveling sanctuary in an otherwise frantic
world. Perhaps it's because of the heightened involvement, challenge, and
attention to detail that painting requires. Fact is, many of us attest to
"feeling no pain" while painting. While the act of painting may not perk up
your depleted serotonin, it may release something I'm calling "muselocin." This
is the nice stuff you feel when you're finding your muse.

Yes, others have reported to me that it's important to anticipate a good day
rather than a bad one. The potentially afflicted artist needs to set up,
squeeze out, choose the right background music and, with a tall glass of cold
water, start to work. After a few minutes, mildly hypnotized by the job at
hand, the painter-patient becomes pleasantly "lost."

I can't attest to great gushes of good goo being released into the blood, but
artists tell me they feel like something magic is happening. The élan of
painterly process and ongoing accomplishment certainly eats time. It may just
head off pain as well. Back problems, anxiety and arthritis also respond to this
underutilized and inexpensive drug.

Best regards,


PS: "Making art is good for your health, especially if it is done in fun."
(Orythia Johnston)

Esoterica: The motivation to work against all odds also arises when you bring
to your art a sense of service. By that I mean doing it for someone, or for
some noble cause. The art of giving neutralizes pain, both mental and physical.
"Artists are just as important as doctors and nurses," says Marni California.
"People need nourishing of their souls as well as their bodies; in Navajo
culture the medicine man and artist are one and the same." We'Publish Post

I've included some of Donna MacDonald's work at the top of the current clickback.
Interestingly, Donna contributes 10% of her profits from the sale of her
paintings to Kiva, an organization that provides loans to people in third world
countries to start or expand a business. "A wonderful way to feel like I'm
making a difference!" she says.

Current clickback: "Flavour of the month" takes a look at the compulsion of
collecting art, and the business of getting others to tell you what you need.
A panel of Donna MacDonald's work is also included. Your further comments are

Read this letter online and give us your insight into the possible healing
properties of art. Live comments are welcome. Direct, illustratable comments can
be made at

One great big fat FREE book!! Date extended by demand. Yep, a signed and
dedicated copy if you sign up for a Premium Listing before August 30, 2011. If
you have work you think the world should see, please check us out. While our
listings are mini-websites in themselves, we are particularly good at sending
volumes of visitors to websites you may already have. Our service costs $100 per
year and we do all the set up. If you are thinking about it, please feel free to
drop Robert a note at "I'll be happy to pass along an
opinion as to your work's suitableness."

The Workshop Calendar: A selection of workshops and seminars laid out in
chronological order that will stimulate, teach, mentor, take you to foreign
lands or just down the street. Many of these workshops are recommended by
Robert and friends. Incidentally, if you are planning a workshop and you have
photos of happy people working, feel free to send them to us and we'll select
ones to include in the workshops feature at no extra charge.

The Art Show Calendar: If you or your group has a show coming up, put an
illustrated announcement on the Painter's Keys site. The longer it's up, the
more people will see it. Your announcement will be taken down automatically
on the last day of your show. Please take a look here.

Painter's Post: Every day there is new material going into this feature. This
online arts aggregator has links to art info, ideas, inspiration and all kinds
of creative fun.

If a friend is trying to subscribe to the Twice-Weekly Letter via Constant
Contact, please let them know that as well as subscribing they must confirm
their subscription.

You can also follow Robert's valuable insights and see further feedback on
Facebook and Twitter.

Donna MacDonald is at

Featured Responses: Alternative to the instant Live Comments, Featured Responses
are illustrated and edited for content. If you would like to submit your own for
possible inclusion, please do so. Just click 'reply' on this letter or write to:

Yes, please go ahead and forward this letter to a friend. This does not mean
that they will automatically be subscribed to the Twice-Weekly Letter. They
have to do it voluntarily and can find out about it by going to The Painter's
Keys website:

Published with the permission of author and where source of origin is clearly posted. Thank you with appreciation and gratitude.

'Nikken Pi-Water Growth Comparison' by White Rock's Mary Mira Robson

Independent Representative for Nikken is Mary Mira Robson, White Rock, BC Canada. ID#828608300 Email: Mary Mira Robson and her 'Executive Retreat' and Bed and Breakfast is defined as and is a : 'Nikken Certified Wellness Home'

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Helen Fathers, White Rock Councilor and Mgr. of Farmers Market; Exclusive Audio by Johan Sandstrom,

An exclusive personal and open interview and conversation.. White Rock Councilor Helen Fathers and Farmers Market Manager in Charge, White Rock. Mrs. Fathers speaking with Johan Sandstrom, BComm. of

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Jump by the Marina and the Pier in White Rock..airborne!

Dive, dive, dive......the jump

'Choi's Pottery ' With Clay from Korea & here an Artist from China; on C... ...hand made ..artisan and artists of all kinds are drawn to White Rock, BC. This resort and artist community benefit tourism and merchants alike...Welcome to explore :

"Canada Day - White Rock 2011. Exotic Performance by Dance on grass by ...

Sponsor on stage Maximum Collison South Surrey ...Exotic dance in the grass with Arabic music...

"Canada Day 2011" - Fresh Slice Pizza in White Rock - 'Cinnamon samples ...

Tasty, healthy and irrestibly tempting...speaking of the samples from 'Fresh Slice Pizza' on Vidal Street across from the BoatHouse...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New Platform and To Be Forever...Video Plays a Most Important Role in Internet Communication and Internet Marketing

Video Email...Video Conferencing and Video Auto-Responders or Video Broadcasting..the answers lie in the TalkFusion video communication services as provided by Johan Sandstrom of the White Rock Reporter.

Here is the audio recording of a conversation between James Martell and Bryan Conley, TalkFusion...Email Video...Video Email and communication ....enhancing
communications in businesses and between people and groups..very social.
Click and listen now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mayor Dianne Watts of Surrey, BC Interviewed by Johan Sandstrom, White Rock Reporter

A unique and personal interview . Mayor Dianne Watts of Surrey BC is expressing herself in an exclusive interview made by the White Rock Reporter. Mr. Johan Sandstrom.

For original posting on the audio podcast navigate to: and go to blog in Index.


Flooring from Surfside Flooring on Russell in White Rock 'covering the lower mainland..Welcome to call: 604 538 2733

Surfside Flooring on Russell in White Rock BC can provide you with flooring and accessories..with tiles and cork and engineered hard wood ..Ask Surfside Flooring 604 538 2733.

Surfside Flooring on the web:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

'For Top Quality Flooring, Installation & Pricing Call: "SurfSideFlooring" 604 538 2733 in White Rock, BC

Surfside Flooring - Hardwood, soft and commercial carpets; durable commercial flooring and tiles and guaranteed products and installations made by professionals - Contact: Dora or Brian; experienced professionals and owners Tel: 604 538 2733.

Surfside flooring was established in 2001 by two local installers Brian and Dora Belyk with over 20 years of tile and hardwood and laminate installation experience.

We specialize in quality flooring at great prices and exceptional service in both sales and installation\finishing. Our showroom has numerous hardwoods\laminates and tile installed and displayed for your convienance.

We have no high pressured sales people, as we are owned and operated by former installers that will provide excellent advice on installation techniques for the homeowner installation or we have excellent installers available.

Our current location at 15229 Russell Avenue is a strata lot of which the store owns, which was our way of saying that we are here for the long term not a short term lease. This provides our customers with an added security known we will be here in the future.

We specialize in custom / professional service and installation, with honest straight forward advice and pricing.

All our products in the store are clearly priced and labeled.

Our installation crews do all job installation as per manufacturers specifications and training and with full warranties provided. They are set crew that works for us and the work is divided by their specialty / expertise (such as laminate or tile)..

All our products are delivered into the home locally free of charge as are our quotes which are detailed out like a grocery list. This enables our customers to understand where their money is going as well as enabling us to discuss it with them with no hidden surprises.


Surfside Flooring Limited is a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), as well as the BC Floor Covering Association. (Click logos below to visit their websites)

National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) British Columbia Floor Covering Association (BCFCA)
The NWFA keeps Surfside Flooring upto date on install techniques, flooring trends, designer forecasts, as well as first hand knowledge on new flooring and installation products.

We attend all annual NWFA meetings. In addition we participate in North America's largest flooring convention called "Surfaces", which only further allows us to provide our customers with the latest and best products and services.

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