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Surrey Board of Trade Takes Leadership During Teacher Strike 
The start of the school year is a critical time for students. We know that with the continuing teacher strike, you may be looking at options for your children. To help you, the Surrey Board of Trade’s strategic plan includes a strong focus on education for our youth, which will benefit our workplaces today and tomorrow. They are our future entrepreneurs and workers. 

The Surrey Board of Trade offers the following options for your children through innovative and generous partnership arrangements. 

Consider participating in one of them. Any questions, please contact me at 604-634-0342 or at 

1. Free Math Classes – Students: Grades 1 to 9 Spirit of Math Schools will provide help to students by offering daytime math classes. 

The Surrey location is just beside the Surrey Board of Trade office. 

For more information, please contact Chrystal Lai at 604-304-4032 at They also have other regional locations and may be able to offer the same classes in those locations. 

2. Free Online courses – Students: Grades 10-12 Beyond DL School runs a program, offering students in Grades 10-12 online courses for graduation credits. All of the courses are worth 4 credits towards high school graduation and are tuition-free. The students will develop a learning plan that best suits their needs. For More information, please contact Avneet Gill-Dhaliwal at 778-565-1124 or at 

 3. Entrepreneur and Leadership Program – High School Students aged 16-18 TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE), with the Surrey Board of Trade, are looking for highly motivated and energetic young participants to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs. TYE provides an opportunity to understand and build contacts in the world of business and entrepreneurship, learning directly from entrepreneurs and professionals who are actively involved in building and growing successful businesses. 

The program runs on Saturday mornings from October until June, preparing them for a global entrepreneurial competition. Applications are now open at ____________________________________________________Anita Patil Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade Address: #101-14439-104 Avenue, Surrey BC V3R 1M1 CANADA Direct: 604-634-0342-Cell: 604-340-3899-Fax: 604-588-7549-Toll Free: 1-866-848-7130 The Surrey Board of Trade, in Surrey since 1918, provides businesses and organizations with economic opportunity, workplace development and education, international trade, government advocacy and business connections. The Surrey Board of Trade has 2,100 business members, representing 6,000 business contacts and over 60,000 employees. We support business, attract business and improve economic efficiencies for business through government lobbying. The Surrey Board of Trade is the go-to ...

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And you thought you understood sugar.... ? You will after this video by Dr. Glidden

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Alternative Energy..."Our Sun"

Alternative Energy..."Our Sun"..for you, family, business and our sustainable livable future' - Johan Prost

Get enlightened this morning.
Here is the link I found and that you may find "Sehr Interessant" [very interesting].

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Introducing The Airocide Air Purifier...Breathe Easier. Do Not Use Chemical !'air-freshener'!

Introducing The Airocide Air Purifier...Breathe Easier. Do Not Use Chemical !'air-freshener'! "News You Can Use" posted by the

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Attractive...the good looks and spiritual inclined in response to intelligence and intellectual company; 'Johan Prost'

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The year we began to change the world - WOR(l)D ; ETHICUS GmbH CH

The year we began to change the world - WOR(l)D ; ETHICUS GmbH CH

Claudia Severin

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Mayor Derek Corrigan to speak on Surrey Board of Trade Waste Management Solutions Panel
Surrey, B.C. – On Thursday, September 11th, the Surrey Board of Trade will host the 8th Annual Surrey Environment and Business Awards Lunch, featuring a Waste Management Solutions Panel. The panelists will speak to topics such as Multi Material BC (MMBC), Organics Waste, and Bylaw 280 – Regulation of Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials. The five panelists are:
  • Mayor Derek Corrigan, Vice Chair of the Zero Waste Committee, Metro Vancouver
  • Neil Hastie, Global Product Stewardship Council
  • Candace Le Roy, Director, SFU Sustainability Office
  • Genevieve Blondin, Growing City
  • Nicole Stefenelli, Urban Impact
Media representatives are invited as our guests.  Please RSVP by replying to this email.

The event will also feature a presentation by Surrey Councillor Bruce Hayne on the Green Surrey Program, as well as the presentation of the Environment and Business Awards. The awards are presented to Surrey Board of Trade members or Surrey-based businesses that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to environmental leadership and/or issues. The award recipients are guided by a sense of respect for the environment and demonstrate this initiative consistently.
This year’s winners are:
Small Business – TBF Environmental Technology Inc.
Medium Business – Novex Delivery Solutions
Large Business – Guildford Town Centre
Date:  Thursday, September 11, 2014
Location:  Eaglequest Golf Course (7778 152 St. Surrey)
Time:  Lunch and Registration 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.; Program 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
Admission: $40 + GST each (member) or $55 + GST each (non-member)
Presenting Sponsor: Stantec Consulting
Award Sponsors: Century Group and Levelton Consultants Ltd.
Media Sponsor: The Leader Newspaper
For further info, please contact Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade, at or at 604.634.0342.
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Anita Patil Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade
Address: #101-14439-104 Avenue, Surrey BC V3R 1M1 CANADA
Direct: 604-634-0342-Cell: 604-340-3899-Fax: 604-588-7549-Toll Free: 1-866-848-7130

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