Thursday, October 24, 2013

Uploads from Johan Sandstrom (playlist)

Uploads indeed..some good some bad and some just about in-between..some professionally edited and usually paid for by a client...majority of the videos are 'ad-hoc',candid and non-rehearshed and not necessary conventionally edited, but made possible by videographer's eye for the possibilities on-site to manage the shoot [filming] to the satisfaction of the person ordering/requesting and permitted the video to be made on-site as desired.. 
Some video producers deploy the 'fake method and offer the customers/prospects [Beware] cookie/cutter, cut & paste method done inside a studio; those are usually going for the prices ranging from 200 to 300 dollars a piece. 
Usually a bad deal and method to pursue. For authentic video production and honest response call Johan Sandstrom, BComm. 604 538 5854 or EM: Thank

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