Sunday, December 1, 2013

Re- Routing the Rail Corridor: From 'Rails to Trails' (+playlist) ENJOY.

"Will the Burlington Northern Santa Fe [BNSF] Railroad Track Along the Marine Drive Seaside in White Rock BC Become History?"

Here is a video provided by City of Surrey [to the best of my knowledge]. The video is featuring the Mayor of Surrey, Dianne Watts [keynote speaker at this rail-safety-public forum on the 26th Oct. 2013 held in the Pacific Inn on King George Blvd,Surrey] and White Rock mayor Wayne Baldwin. 

Questions related to the issue surrounding 'will the present rail corridor and locations, rout, remain as is or will there be a change in the alignment of tracks away from the seaside going inland instead...Three viabe alternatives were discussed/shown to the public at the forum.....

Courtesy note by Johan Sandstrom, BComm. White Rock BC

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