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Welcome home and to "Royce" on Thrift Avenue , White Rock BC

Describing this attractive and well planned condo and home development is frankly as difficult as it sometimes can be to define and describe a wonderful, vibrant an astute and effective beautiful woman..a home maker or other professional with all faculties in order and intact.

You may feel that the analogy deployed here is a trifle far fetched and may be for some intimidating and out of place or just brutally rude. If that should be the case you do not know me, writing these lines. and how much and intensive I value my opposite gender.Do you need to know? Not really.
However my mantra is simply this “ Without women the world would be nothing, period." 
There is no replacement and in my world I still consider my opposite sex a gift from above given to mankind.

On a different over to “Royce” on Thrift Avenue [very close to Oxford] White Rock, BC.

On the other hand I think you can see some resemblance of character both in interior design, planning/layout and choice of materials, as examples when I describe the alternative plans and variations, options, made reasonable for the home buyer to choose from. It was great to start by visiting the website;  I recommend to enhance any further conversation and list of questions that may be answered.

“Royce on Thrift” I sometimes write and exclaim when having conversations about this God given location with extra ordinary options of homes with possibly the best and desired ocean view where the Semiahmoo Bay is making “Royce on Thrift the very solitaire precious jewel of the Semiahmoo Peninsula. So now I have said that.

I can imagine couples young with or without children and some retired and ready to take a new plunge into a new life leaving an established 20, 25 or 35 year old and long permanent home base of sorts behind and now maybe deciding to downsize for rational reasons and for improved comfort in a different lifestyle.  
To move in to make a second, upgrade by selecting a new cozy and modern environment. A new residence and indeed the new dream home. The plans available for customers to chose from are many and of different size.

It seems to me that there is a plan, size and layout which will fit most buyers of a new home in this location its owners natural beauty ocean and near the sea views right from the balconies and patios or penthouse terrace....but one need to be first in line to get the ‘best choice’. A little over two acres is designed and drawn to place comfortably 87 homes.

Forge Properties; the builders are working closely with Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd.,as their services provider to launch all viable sections required to create sales and marketing planning and implementation.

The “Royce” Display Suite and Presentation facility is gorgeous, elaborate and what I understand has and still is very much instrumental in the process of closing ‘deals’ or sales and to build the desired and real credibility Forge Properties reputation stand for and which Forge has earned over time and superior performance.

Forge Properties has established itself in a very firm and open manner to earn the the ‘title’ of community builder #1 in this grand seaside community and resort village,destination, a city and vacation resort..and you may call it anything and everything. 

White Rock itself is a multi-faceted jewel by itself and “Royce” may not be an honoured automobile brand and make here, but is very close as far as minute detail of quality, builder’s craftsmanship and elegant choice of details like marble, kitchen cupboard and benches. 
State of the art high-end kitchen appliances makes the kitchen a most efficient and well functioning workstation and area you may say, for the whole family.

From laundry facilities all the way down to the garage and a pet washing room/stall, just indicates the level of concerns and care and clear thinking practiced by the architects behind the total plans for this grand development of homes and layouts leaving a footprint of charm and opulence.

The visitors are drawn to “Royce” as if gravity had something real important to do with the attention and desire given and clearly delivered daily by both the local residential public in White Rock  but also from potential buyers from the Lower Mainland and the Semiahmoo Peninsula area of communities such as Ladner, Ocean Park and Crescent Beach in South Surrey; actions making the sales force on-site both content, happy, and some days confused if not only surprised and filled with pleasure of thoughts..

Having spoken to Cory Saran during one of my interviews and conversations with him and on the subject 'living' at "Royce" I again must confess there is a lot more to write about, but in conclusion please hear me out on the following which I just couldn't leave out and away for any reader of this.

One may ask if it is the hardwood floor, real wood floor of Swedish oak or the select unique one of a kind marble surfaces, the fridge or freezer or kitchen sinks in stainless steel or perhaps the space made suitable and to serve as ‘wine cellar per se?

It could be the door handles or the white lacquered door blades or kitchen cabinets.. I am just guessing some of this is of essence when looking to buy a home but I am sure that I can find many other contributing factors making so many people genuinely ‘fall in love with “Royce”.

The open layouts I believe is a prime major point of sales; the smart plans in conjunction with the ambiance and positioned large windows to frame the outstanding seaside and ocean views is topping the list creating attraction and a warm cozy and rational feeling of security  and comfort making many feel at home already in the display suite in the presentation facility.

“Royce on Thrift” Avenue, seem to be breathing magic and select frequencies that must be favouring and given in the air to benefit only those sensitive visitors who can detect and act upon positive and healthy ambiance created by healthy fresh air due to the nearness of the ocean, its water and nature.

“Royce on Thrift” is the place one need to visit to fully grasp the magnitude of what is already stated as ‘the jewel’ of the Semiahmoo Peninsula; so close to the sea shores of the Semiahmoo Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

From a more practical and realistic point of view the term ‘downsizing’ is the word that comes to mind when talking lifestyles and eventual changes of locations.

Some wish to travel and not be burdened by ‘yesterdays goods’ you may say. Today many wishes freedom and just love their grandkids and children. Love can be a reality also from a distance so some move to Mexico or Belize for half a year or shorter.

One my find snow birds and other categories of home buyers having totally different perspectives.

There is place also for those gifted families, couples or single home owners that find the convenience and comfort of ‘just living’ a great asset, but clearly it can  be said here that.”Downsizing has never been this upscale and affordable”.

I am speaking of course about the , one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom  residences at “Royce”. Whatever your choice the feeling of being home or alternatively on a never ending  holiday will be the result when your neighbours in a friendly manner wishes you ‘Bon Voyage.Amigos’. [French and Spanish; I like the combination when you travel. Well, then you will be truly elevated and delighted by a  greeting when hearing ‘Welcome Home’!

Exclusive, elegant in every detail makes living ‘good and the best’ At the "Royce" on Thrift in White Rock.
Panorama ocean views and stunning impressions are left to those many with ocean views.Most units do offer views and are  facing south. See for yourself.

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