Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Wise Words from Dimple & Jennifer....and the TalkFusion team; Faith is truly amazing. Video Communication Services works great! Try it.

Hi Johan,

It was a pleasure having you on the call with our

guest appearance, Faith Barnard!

Despite the technological
difficulties, Faith was able to touch

upon how spirituality can translate into our business and lives.

Here are some powerful golden nuggets from our call:

1. Success
in our industry is defined by:

"continued progress towards your desired vision".

Remember, you are not alone. If you are not seeing results in

your business, reach out to someone and try some 'tweaking' of your

3. Bring awareness to your emotions. Don't be afraid to feel

embrace negative emotions. Allow the emotions to come up and be

4. Use daily practices to release emotional blockages such as

Ho'oponopono, meditation, exercise, etc.

5. When something seems to be
going wrong, use positive self talk to

shift energies. Find something to appreciate and shift your emotional

Even saying "I love you" to yourself can be powerful enough to move negative

6. When you approach your business from a spiritual point of
view, you

will focus on offering service rather than making the sale.

7. Using
the power of intention when approaching our business can

bring about graceful momentum.

Dimple and I will see you again next

To your joyful abundance,

Jennifer & Dimple

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