Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Cherry Lane Terrace" a.k.a. 'White Rock Muffler Premises' The Developme...

"Changes are facts of life and being..." -Johan Prost

"Lots of neighbours...gathered to review the building project It was a well arranged and visited public workshop held in the White Rock Community Centre's Gallery on Russell Avenue.

Between 6 pm to 8 pm critical and positive voices were heard and notes made for the developer and architects Ankenman Marchand Architects , 1645 West 5th Ave. in Vancouver, BC V5J 1N5

Questions may be directed to Tim Ankenman Tel 604 872 2595, ext.28 or by Email:

The Jones' family participating and in this interview expressing their satisfaction with the project as they could see so far..fairly new to the area and previously in Alberta. The couple expressed positive, constructive thoughts and comments about what the White Rock Muffler property site may offer.

Being the producer of this candid video I just needed a name to be branded and took the liberty of suggesting to Tim Ankenman the opportunity to give the project a work name: I said "Cherry Lane Terrace" now you know."

This 'candid-video' is sponsored and made possible by engagement of:

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