Sunday, September 4, 2011

"White Rock Sun" Mr. Dave Chesney, Publisher & Editor will run for a seat in Council , White Rock Election in November 2011.

"Chesney already has a 'place in the Sun' and Now looking for a 'place in New Council'
4th September 2011, photographed at 'Farmers Market' in White Rock BC, White Rock Council Candidate for the upcoming Election in November 2011, Mr. David [Dave] Chesney took a turn working in the vegetable stand this sunny day at the popular farmers market.
Here seen with friends, in the veggie stand.
Dave Chesney is the owner and founder of the E-Tabloid 'The White Rock Sun" an electronic news 'paper' of sorts.
Recommend you take a look and review daily this popular 'on the edge' local media on the Internet.

In the centre, during the break from selling cukes and potatoes of the species named 'Bintje', Dave Chesney is now preparing his campaign and extending his circle of local potential followers and friends ready to cast a vote for Chesney on November 19 2011.

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'covering news and video interviews of Candidates for the upcoming civic municipal election November 2011 on the website:

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