Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Street Strider" Lynn Kanuka & 'part Elliptical Machine & part Bike', Su...

The ride and exercise for your life....Lynn Kanuka is making life easier for exercising...does the 'StreetStrider' replace any of the presently deployed work-out tools in gyms? Well, fresh air comes to mind.and point well taken. It's all about our health and 'anything goes' it seems. But this 'machine' certainly have taken a firm place in the minds of those already ordering and awaiting delivery of their own "StreetStrider" ...3-gear or an 8-geared ..who knows. ...just start your ride for your health.
For more information contact: Lynn Kanuka "StreetStrider" Tel: 778 891 7870 or EM: streetstriderlynn@live.ca

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