Saturday, September 3, 2011

An "Outside of the Box" event by Alicia M.B. Ballard, artist/creator Whi...

"A gathering of prominent and curious invited guests were assembled in the newly renovated and rebuilt White Rock Museum and Archives building on the seaside of this tranquil resort for residents and tourists alike. The day is the very first day of September 2011. Weather is giving and generous with warm winds and a great opportunity for all guests to also frequent the early evening breeze and gorgeous sunset in sight.
The lady and subject to much of the attention Alicia Ballard mingled with all and friends of yesterday as well. Alicia most certainly felt bewildered and surprised by the attention the project "Fiber-Fusion" an assembly of over thirty works respresenting a total of twenty-six [26] artists from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela Brazil, Argentina, Peru Spain, and Romania..all members of the exclusive congregation called 'Colectivo Virtuosi Infraganti Collective'."

For details please visit:
'FiberFusion': at the White Rock Museum & Archives, September 1 - 30, 2011.

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