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Demand Safe Technology in Schools 'hard-wire' VS 'Wireless'... Wi-Fi Radiation declared Un-Safe for Children BC and Canada?? - Health Canada - ??

Announcement - Declaration

School Trustees/School Board: Langley School District #35

Executive: Langley Teachers' Association (LTA)

Executive: British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF)

Directors: British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA)

Directors: British Columbia Council of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC)

Members of Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (MLA's)

Canadian Provincial Education Ministers

Canadian Federal MP's

To all those charged with protection of the public:

I represent an organization made up of concerned parents, grandparents, teachers, principals, administrators and others from across Canada who are gravely concerned regarding health risks from exposure to Wi-Fi in schools.

Petitions requesting that schools be kept hard wired are currently being signed in different locations across Canada, with hundreds of signatures so far. A significant number of parents worried about their children in schools have actually experienced very troubling and in some cases, disabling, symptoms from their own use of Wi-Fi in the home. There are countless people who have now hard wired their homes as a result of their own experiences of ill health effects caused by Wi-Fi routers at home.

Many teachers are also unhappy about this exposure. I have personally spoken with teachers from around British Columbia who are witnessing a confusing array of unexplained health symptoms in classes that were basically healthy prior to the installation of Wi-Fi routers.

These symptoms include a marked increase in headaches, dizziness, nosebleeds, heart irregularities, confusion, changes in attention and concentration, ongoing nausea, exhaustion and sleep problems. I am told by teachers about parents who are taking children to different doctors and specialists looking for answers, but with no results and no reasons given for these horrible symptoms.

In the absence of a proper diagnosis, increasing numbers of young people are being put on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs, whilst continuing the exposure to Wi-Fi which could be the trigger for the health symptoms. A number of teachers themselves are also feeling similar effects.

Personally, I can say with absolute confidence that Wi-Fi is extraordinarily biologically active for those who are sensitive. Without my knowledge, Telus remotely activated a wireless router in my home office.

I had no explanation for the sudden onset of daily headaches and migraines, dizziness, nausea, inability to sleep, heart arrhythmias, digestive disturbances, painful teeth and gums and absolute exhaustion.

I had to close my counselling practise due to these completely disabling symptoms. I experienced a frightening episode of racing heart and pain down my left arm that I went immediately for heart attack tests. Nothing could be found.

As soon as a neighbour alerted me to the fact that I had wireless internet emanating from my home, I had Telus shut off the system remotely, in the same way it had been activated. My unexplained disabling health symptoms disappeared almost overnight. Now, I am perfectly healthy as long as I stay away from Wi-Fi zones.

There is something terribly wrong with a society that does not protect its children at the first sign of danger. Of course, this danger is relatively new, it is invisible and insensible so it is hard to identify as a toxin as in the case of cigarette smoke.

I see from the newspapers the ongoing scourge of exposure to asbestos in the past. We know that cigarettes are also still taking a toll. In both these cases, there were early warnings which could have avoided so much tragedy.

The story of late lessons from early warnings has always been accompanied by regulatory agencies failing to protect the public, as is happening now. I refer you to the recent public statement made by Carol Hughes, MP, who participated in the Parliamentary HESA Hearings April 2010, in which she states clearly that Health Canada needs to come clean with parents as to the health risks of irradiating children on a daily basis.

The fact is that we are now risking the health of all our children in a place that needs to maintain one of the highest standards for safety in our society. Places where our children and youth gather together need to be protected from risks and exposures, even when we do not understand completely the full extent of the risk. Children are not little adults, and are uniquely sensitive to damage from toxins, from pesticides to non-ionizing radiation.

Why is it that Canada is so slow to warn parents that they need to protect their children from the risks of cellular technology, when other countries are issuing public statements to that effect?

Why is it that a parent’s absolute right to protect their child is being so completely discounted and ignored? Is it that Health Canada has denied biological effects of non-ionizing radiation for so long, that to provide the honest truth that there are thousands of peer reviewed and published scientific articles evidencing harm, as well as the Royal Society Report, would show that Health Canada has indeed not been protecting the public they serve?

This is a growing issue of concern. Every day, more and more people are experiencing ill health effects that they have been able to trace to Wi-Fi exposure, whether in the home, school or workplace.

Every day, more and more children are exposed to this dangerous wireless toxin that could be so easily eliminated with hard wired systems. There is an immediate urgency to defend children’s health. Let the child be the first among us to receive protection.

On behalf of the members of our society and concerned parents across Canada, I urge you to immediately call for a return to hard wiring in schools, which is such an easy and simple way to eliminate health risks caused by this untested wireless technology emanating from our schools.

Children’s health must take priority over convenience. To stand by in silence does not excuse responsibility and accountability.

There is no time to waste; we look to our leaders to act with wisdom and integrity in protecting the people they serve.

Una St Clair-Moniz

Executive Director

Citizens for Safe Technology Society

Protecting children & youth from

unsafe wireless technologies

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