Thursday, September 9, 2010

Call to Action! Urgent! Learn About Bill C-36; 'Bullying Tactics of Big Pharma/ Big Meeting in Langley BC 14th Sep. ;'Natural Health Products @ Risk'

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Health Freedom. This is Urgent!
~ Grass Roots Movement Underway ~

Please Join us at 7 pm on September 14th at the 'Amazing Discoveries Presentation Theatre' in Langley at 2013 - 248th Str. Langley, BC

Learn about Bill C-36 and the 'Bullying tactics of Big Pharma'.
If you are in the health field and independent and professional of sorts, then you need to come and learn about the implications and consequences should this Bill-36 pull through and be 'the law of the industry'in our land??

Do You Want Natural Health Products and Natural Supplements to be Regulated as "Drugs"?? Do You Want to Voluntarily Lose Control of Your Business and ...? Learn about this at our meetings and go to:

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