Saturday, September 11, 2010

BIA-White Rock- Business Improvement Assoc., '9/11' "Block Party" Sat. Sep. 11th!

By:: Whiterockreporter | September 11, 2010

An oversight or not..?
As announced; a block party arranged by White Rock Business Improvement Area Association took place this Saturday of 'rememberance & contemplation' with regards to the USA "9/11" terrorist attack on US soil and properties'. which took over 3,000 lives and victims,that sunny, clear and crisp day in the city of New York, N.Y.

I cannot avoid but wondering about how far and deep and long 'mourning and grief and solidarity and respect' together with one's neighboring country shall last or be perceived as adequate for the event of a annual memorial and a minute of silence.

Right or insensitive timing for the 'party-time' in White Rock BC?
I leave with the viewer and public to decide....."Oh Canada....we stand on guard for....

Buskers and other entertainment kept on from noon to late in the afternoon..16,00 hrs Pacific Standard Time...a date and occasion few will forget.

Information and activity over-load must have been the reasons for the White Rock residents and visiting public not to show up.

School start, teachers assemblies and other meetings this 'school-weekend' may have contributed to 'weak attendance' and indifference to the planned program I am sure many regret missing out on.

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