Friday, October 4, 2013

Mayor Baldwin and White Rock Tourism vs BIA...

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  • Time to work as a Team. Mr. Mayor. the following is a quote written by Ron Eves, White Rock... from a very sensible letter posted to the editor I read in the Peace Arch News.
  • "A word of simple advice would be for the mayor to form a committee headed by perhaps Couns. Helen Fathers and Larry Robinson to form better ties with the BNSF and avoid a catastrophic impact on our local business community.
  • Ron Eves, White Rock"
  • I totally agree with Ron Eves..time is due to focus on the issues at hand and work as a team and same goals and ambitions...since Tourism White Rock is the number #1 'industry' and #2 is the designated 'industry' one may call as the mayor does is 'the Art & Culture'
  • I'm stunned to read in the most recent local paper that the mayor is accepting and to approve budget for BIA which is severely severed, reduced on the part related to our most important entity of activity and engine for White Rock commerce...the #1 industry Tourism to bring guests and investors for White Rock commerce which is Tourism, period.

  • Let's face the cards right and go where competence is available and at hand...appoint present Exec. Dir. Betina Albornoz to be responsible for both Tourism and relevant assigned electronic digital Internet web based media as we know as &

  • In any circumstance it makes sense to have an educated well versed in English and Spanish speaking person who is trained and in local matters professionally familiar with White Rock; a person since years devoted to the task of building White Rock Tourism to what it deserves now and in the future.

  • BIA is another kettle of fish and its leadership and resources should focus on its main mission; to serve merchants, retailers and eateries, restaurants..the hospitality sector and periferal businesses and its membership.

  • BIA is not equipped and a realistic staging area for ' driving issues and operations' required to be implemented to 'build a surging flow' of visitors we call tourists and a vibrant tourism entity to support our community White Rock..

  • Efforts to encourage Tourism must and is naturally a community's first priority and before any Business Improvement Area Association [BIA] in White Rock.

  • My sincere hope is that the mayor, Mr. Baldwin of White Rock can see these priorities as pointed to in this as the most credible and common sense actions to take and bring to his Council for a vote and action before Christmas.

  • Respectfully
  • Johan Sandstrom BComm.  

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