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James Martell on PAD and the Penguins as instituted by Google

Penguins...all but forgotten...Victims of their own negligence..now hear this re web content! An article by James Martell


Early on in my business career a mentor was fond of saying, "if 

you want to keep something a secret put it in a manual"!

Based on the 
panic I'm seeing from those hit hardest by *penguin*
:: Google's latest fix for the problem of "low quality links" ::
you'd think all of this came without warning.

Well, I've been warning about getting links from 

"badneighbourhoods" for many years now.

And I'm not the only 

Yet, one of the most common comments I hear from students 

when asked about how many PAD articles they got published is this:
I haven't quite gotten around to that".

Then they'll add, "but I did 
submit to a few of those article directories".

Sorry, an article 
directory is not PAD.

Neither is publishing to a blog network; Penguins 
main target.


refresh your memory on what makes PAD 

stands for Professional Article Distribution.

That's a phrase I coined in 
2003 to differentiate content published
on someone else's website compared to content published on your own

We publish professionally written, 
feature length content on
another site in order to get a backlink or two.

This establishes a link relationship that triggers an uptick 
ranking for the URL receiving the link :: if certain protocols are

PAD articles need to adhere to these rules.


Every article must be unique. You cannot offer that same
article elsewhere 
otherwise Google's algorithm detects that and
filters it.

And 100 
articles using the same *anchor text* is suicide.

Sorry, no shortcuts 

2) Only trusted sites are approached. Thin sites or blog 

networksare NOT trusted sites within the Google index.

Often these 
sites are considered *black hat*. 

By publishing thousands pages of 
duplicate content on these dodgy
sites you are telling Google that you are *black hat* too. 

Before Penguin you may have gotten away with that, but 
not any

I've seen sites with over 10,000 unique visitors a day 
completely removed from Google overnight because they relied on 
a high volume of junk links.

3) It's all done organically. Automation 
is what killed the blog
networks and article directories. Google's algorithms are smart. 
A red flag goes up whenever they see any type of automation 
because humans behave differently from robots.

And they know 

There is nothing automated with PAD

If you are smarter than 
the average bear it should dawn on you that
the strongest feature of PAD is the fact that it takes the creative
effort of humans to get it done.

We hire only the best writers and pay premium.

We approach 
only sites that are non-affiliated and have already
earned a decent PageRank (3-6).

Our team often goes back and forth for weeks with webmasters 

before that precious article gets published, which results in a 
very organic and natural rate of publication.

We have to sell them on 
us. And we have to earn their trust.

Our team is about building strong 
relationships with other site
owners who rely on us for valuable content.

This is what the SEO guys are not normally willing to 

That's why they got hit.

I hope you can see that.

your online success!



Above courtesy of JohanPublisher@gmail.com
29 May 2012 White Rock, BC Canada

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