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From White Rock Professional Building Newsletter I can learn the following.

From excerpts from or ‘in extenso’ article contents I read about good and other news for patients of the White Rock Medical Associates clinic, Smile Solutions Dental Centre and the Medical Pharmacy
Issue: Fall 2010...Issue 2,

Smiles are let me recommend Dr. Kennedy, Nathan Kennedy or Dr. Bruce Kennedy.. DD’s ...not twins but distinguished father and son dental professionals.

Call for an appointment and review of your ‘situation’. 778 294 your free consultation.

For ‘sick care and health care [prevention]’ turn to the health professionals of the White Rock Medical Associates, White Rock Professional Bldg. #101 - 15451 Russell Avenue, White Rock, Tel: 604 531 5595
General Clinic Hours: Mon. to Fri. 08.30 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.

To see a doctor please call to make a special appointment. In any emergency requiring immediate attention visit Peace Arch Hospital or other hospital Emergency Department [ER]. Call 911.

So what is the connection between your dentist, dental care professional and the chemical ‘botox’?
‘Botox treatments are now available at the White Rock Medical Building by courtesy of Dr. Kennedy, at the Smile Solutions Dental Care Centre.

The doctor uses Botox as one tool to treat muscle spasm and muscle tension in patients who suffer from jaw joint disorders.

Many patients who clench or grind their teeth at night and have difficulty wearing a mouth guard, and patients who suffer from headaches where there is a significant muscle tension component may find Botox treatment helpful.
Dr. Kennedy is also certified to provide ‘cosmetic Botox services’ if desired. Call and inquire. Tel: 778 294 1514.

‘Botox’ , i.e. ‘Botox works by temporarily blocking the ‘message’ from a nerve to a muscle, causing it to weaken.
- Botox was originally developed to treat abnormal eye muscle movement in children.
- Botox is a ‘natural substance produced by a bacteria and purified’.
- Botox has ‘nearly a 0% chance of side effects when in the hands of an experienced medical practitioner’.
- Botox has ‘its cosmetic effect by weakening muscles that cause wrinkles’.
- Botox ‘creates an effect that last between approximately 4 to 8 months’.

The above content is not a claim for results in health status or patient response, but an information as derived from reliable source gathered and edited by
Johan Sandstrom, BComm.
White Rock, BC Canada

Disclaimer:: [Botox is a Trademark. The publisher of this is not to be held responsible for any of its ‘reactions, third party claims or medical consequences etc., when administered by anyone].

Source: White Rock Medical Associates

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