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Now Coming to a PC or Mac Of Your Home & Workplace! "Talk Fusion Video Communication Suite" i.e. '8 Video Tools for ONLY USD $35.00 per month'.

‘Talk Fusion’..a splendid surprise...for Internet Video Marketers.
by Johan Sandstrom, BComm.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Today I won’t talk or write about SEO [Search Engine Optimization]..nor will I touch on keyword selections nor conversion formulas.
In through my window I felt a breath of fresh air or rather fresh breeze from a technology we today must depend on in a much higher degree than technology.

Video will soon dominated the landscapes in cyberspace and more so than ever since it has become evident that video will be and already is an integral part of the work done by serious marketers on Internet ‘being able to be ‘placed and seen and ranked’ by search engines like Google, as an example.

Your video presence is a must today and for tomorrows, if you intend to stay in business.

Should I change the title of this ‘The winds of video technology and its effects on peoples ways to communicate’?

No I won’t. Titles don’t matter that much. But the essence of video as a phenomenal technology setting all our ‘old’ or outdated technologies for communication..on the sidelines...the Wow-factor is there.
Let’s see it all play out.

Gurus predict [and they for some reason are almost always right..sic] video will be the base and platform upon which much of communication will rest upon 2013, if noit sooner.

There is nothing slow about the pace of new technologies and modalities are running amok amongst all of us in workplaces and at home, in industries and institutions. Product developers and innovators are working overtime to surpass each other.

Consumers are happy to spend $19.00 on new apps for their new smart phones [Oh yeah every household has at least two in each home...] and it will in the end amount to hundreds of millions in profit for the manufacturer and innovator/creator, of noted ‘application’. You ...Where are we going with all this? Back to focus.

Video can and does truly enhance personal and corporate communications.“How so?” You may ask.

The answers lies inside the link below. Open listen and will love its foresight.

This is the link you are recommended to spend some time with...listen and learn of the opportunities as presented for you to simply connect with and to adapt video in your daily communications and do what you’re tasked to do.

The purpose of video email, video conferencing or video webinars . i.e. video broadcasting is to enhance the experience of receiving and making an imprint; one-on-one and group interactions in any video communication phase and event.

Today to simply send out a text-only [conventional] email doesn’t cut it anymore [your competition does it different or in other ways commmunicate their messages]. Your competition is fierce, combatant and very competitive and one can imagine the business environment is not going to be milder in temperature in the future.

The communication aspect of the act and process of building sustainable commercial business relationships have forced all of us to seriously look for other and different ways and new technologies and methods to to impress, inform and get our messages across untainted by possibly third party interferences.

To many professionals working their business and applying Internet marketing gunning for natural leads and more seemed fairly easy for a while but that was some years ago when the marvels of video signals really was not so well known in the specialized populations involved with Internet marketing, telemarketing, and audio enhanced marketing....

When all of a sudden video took a quantum leap and became and now is grazing every website and every possible electronic receiver, smart-phones and sender and service providers and now is cornering every space world-wide and in cyberspace.

We now can realize and lay weight to these known facts and also add in the retrospective... how delicate and sensitive the social websites and providers are to political and governmental influence where most recently Egypt [February 2011]. The historical socio-political event can serve as an example, a good example, of the so far ‘peaceful revolution’ using media and Facebook and Google and Skype to mention a few , to quench the hunger and appetite in populations, for news and liaison, and I say foremost communication where video played an ever so important viable role.

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen the demonstrated facts and crucial needs by necessity to utilized the Internet as a ‘communicator’ provider of media news and social interactions in populations.

The vulnerability of Internet was shown by the government [Egypt’s now ousted regime] doing their utmost to ‘close channels of communications’ including wireless and mobile phones and more...and this luckily without a great degree of success, but it made a dent in the fabric of communication, but it was soon recovered to almost normal.

A remarkable historic event to say the least took place right on our global television sets and where the Internet and its sophisticated techniques and technologies served , its customers and populations to the best.
Egypt will now with sfinx and pyramids possibly see Internet communications as significant and remarkable as their pyramids and numerous classic landmarks, and rich historic and colourful heritage and icons only found in this middle east, for the moment, most important piece of the puzzle of the region so palgued by differences in creed, religious beliefs and sectarian and political mosaics rarely seen anywhere else in the world.
The importance and influence made by the Internet cannot be overlooked or underestimated.

Video is now developed and adapted as well configured optimal communication tools if you will. Such are Video Email, Video-auto-responders, Video Conferencing and Video Broadcasting...all providing unlimited particpant services for its account holders i.e. customers worldwide.

Biased as I am and as proud as I am of being a part of the 'videomotion or videomania' spreading far and wide globally and as mentioned in the above I declare..'video the winner'! Above qualities and information is based on the features of the Talk Fusion; a corporation with a solid track record of soon over four years in operation serving multiple countries in multiple languages.

And its products and servics are canvassed by authorized independent associates of Talk Fusion and its referral marketing commission based incentives, bonus system is rewarding its associates per a binary incentive plan for this referral network marketing corporation and video services provider to businesses and professionals individually and world-wide.

The author of this article is Johan Sandstrom, BComm. an established publisher and video content producer and provider on the Internet and residing in BC Canada -

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