Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talk Fusion Helping Linda Video Emailing Husband Don Who's in the oil sands in Alberta, Using ''Talk Fusion' Keeping Kids & Family in Touch.

“Talk Fusion Love Letter”

“Dearest One! Don. The kids and I love you.. Now video-email me soonest! We like to see your new place.
I got you in my mind and the kids will love to hear and see you too.

Please do video-mail us. We want you visible in our mind and enjoy seeing and listening to your recorded video-emails.

We hope your laptop and built in webcam is working, still.

Your Hello to us brings you to life and your weekly video-email is a delight for our family.
We save every video-email we receive. And loe every minute of your recordings.

To listening to your voice and video recordings are moments of special joy. Your ‘living self’ speaking to the kids and I is exciting and authentic bringing you in touch with us.

Now we just need to learn how to respond and send video-emails to you in return.

It is true what they say in the promotion of this video communication service...from Talk Fusion..’bringing people, relationship and businesses closer together’...indeed anywhwere, anytime!

I gave your friend’s number to Franz and Dora..they like to try also the conference and webinar services for their business too.

Hope the number is correct. Lots of love, hugs and kisses. We miss you sooooo. Your loving Linda and kids.”

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