Monday, December 6, 2010

Premier and Launch of "Cerra Water" Dr. Ross Andersen, DC. ND, Explains

Dr. Ross Andersen, DC. ND talks about Cerra Water…

Dr. Ross Andersen, DC. ND, [Doctor Chiropractic, Naturopathic Physician] explains this new natural and complex technology disclosed at the Vancouver Yoga Convention & Show 1-3 October 2010.
“Cerra” water pitcher…..

Dr. Ross Andersen , ND with many , many years of experience of water and its healing effects and wellness promoting qualities we all should know about.
The “Cerra Water” is of an exceptional quality and delivers on demands for alkalinity and inoization and chemicals are let through this is new specially configured ceramic water filter. This is a serious and new vibrant contender in an otherwise overflooded market of filters in the market place. “Cerra Water Pitcher” inclusive filters will take you back roughly $200.00 and likely cost you in maintenance [filter replacement] over a year about $10.00 per month.
No longer need you spend thousands of dollars on water conditioners that equal this ‘Cerra Water” and “Cerra cost a fraction and delivers alkaline, ionized and pure non-chemical additives drinking water for the whole family or office.

Save Your Money…$250.00….That’s what you pay for “Cerra Water” to nourish your body in the today best and most economically sound and efficacious ways using the “Cerra Water” in your home, office or any place you desire to have this outstanding ‘food’ I call the living water.
Research the Water Library by going to
From a bystanders point of view this must be a ‘must have’ and a sesation in the ‘crowded’ world of water conditioners and filters, small and large , in the global market.
Canada is the first country and more advancements and sane healthy products is in the pipeline.
Stay tuned but first buy your Pitcher of “Cerra Water”

Dr. Ross Andersen, and Cerra Water’s and corporate leader Pamela Barinoff are very happy for the response and interest and kind interesting professional words and attention received at the Yoga Vancouver Convention Conference for their “Cerra Water” pitcher so much like Brita on the exterior but so much more different and efficacious in the interior of the pitcher.of “Cerra”.

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