Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Broken Mirror..? No! Broken 'facia' and iPhone 'ultra-strong' glass window,,,Apple weak feature..vulnerable, Do Not Drop! The Result Shown Here!

The iPhone!
Sadness was spreading over Viktori's face. By accident the student had dropped on the hard floor one of her most precious belongings and tools used in school and in her leisure times.
Viktoria's heart was beating from anxious thoughts of what her parents would say. After all the iPhone was not the most inexpensive gadget to own..the evil of sensitive electronics came to light.
Siblings as well as her school mates offered comfort and said the loss would be overcome by persistent and more work to gather capital for a repair or a new unit.

Viktoria recognized suddenly how dependent she had become on this communication tool; the iPhone from Apple and what a gorgeous smart technical communication device Mr. Job and his 'wunderbar' wonder men technicians and designers had constructed, invented.

But for Viktoria the big question remains...;Why make the glass , monitor and optics so weak and vulnerable and not making it shock-proof?
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