Tuesday, October 26, 2010

White Rock Council Meeting 25 Oct '10: 'BIA Amendment to its Constitutio...

Welcome to White Rock Council meeting in Chambers. This Candid-Video merely shows a snippet of 8 minutes and what in time seem short in reality feels five times as long in comparison.

It helps if you are a political local buff interested in what is spoken about but never implemented in virtual community of White Rock.

We want the railroad to stop at our station.

We want our land back from the railroad company and the unjustified so called soon hundred year old 'contract of lease' removed, revoked, nullified as obsolete, so we can manage our local resources independently.

Friends, politics in White Rock is a 'soup and someone forgot to add the ingredients required to make it edible.

Don't blame the council members. Blame yourselves in the constituency...citizens of our petite village..we are all hung up to dry while awaiting fresh air brought upon us by a younger generation.
"Vote for Youth in White Rock 2011", Civil Election for Council and leadership.

Credibility does not necessarily stem from experience only; education still counts and 'respect' is something you earn and it is not a Christmas present; neither is your drivers licence.
Don't Drink and Drive!
My pleasure!

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