Friday, October 29, 2010

White Rock "Coffee With Attitude" Owner Laura Cornale and Team at 'Five ...

Laura's coffee and lunch crew is Francine and Robynn from Monday to Saturday [closed Sundays] from 7 AM to 5 PM this coffee and lunch place is energized by its owner and hopping and bopping of hungry guests, tourists from all over and of course the 'regulars' who come here as punctual as the Rotary clock on the White Rock Pier on Marine Drive West..

This is the coffee house in paradise on the Canadian Riviera. It is conveniently located in the 'old' town of this seaside resort so much known for its Seaside, beaches and its two totem poles, museum, many restaurants on the Marine Boulevard, sorry pardon me, I mean , Drive, West and East.

OK LET ME MENTIONED 'PARKING METERS' PER SE OR THE DISPENSING 'YELLOW BLUE' contraptions fed by visitors with loonies or twoonies to satisfy the 'Parking Division' in need of revenues.

But not where Coffee with Attitude is located. Parking is FREE and the address to the coffee and lunch heaven for many is simply 15202 Pacific Avenue or what most residents know as the 'Five Corners' ; that's where Buena Vista Av. and Johnston Road join pavements.

You cannot miss it . Enjoy the good coffees, the abundance of home-made high quality , nutritionally sound breads, cakes, pasteries, pies..biscotties and more on the menu.

You will not forget your venture in this relaxed and typically 'local' hang-out. Let me say: You just haven't been in White Rock if you haven't visited 'Coffee with Attitude' Laura, Robyn and Francine, all three at the "Five Corners in White Rock BC wishes you all Welcome!

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