Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elon Musk US Senate Hearing on National Security Space Launch Programs -...

100 more quality persons like Elon Musk and ditto team members the United States of America you would discover a nation [USA] on the verge of becoming ever so healthier over time..fiscally healthier and people wealthier...obesity would disappear, Diabetes would be less prevalent and soon extinct...hypertension would  become history and  and the Appropriations 
Subcommittees would go to Bermuda and hunker down awaiting  a new dawn. 

One does not have to be a professor or rocket scientist to be capable of appreciating  and realize what is ailing the nation I served honourably and faithfully in a U S Army Tour of Duty for over 27 months; a period of end of 50's/start of the 60's.

I am terribly impressed by the personal and team performance as executed by Mr. Elon Musk and his team compadres. USA need 100 more of the sort.

Thank you for Spacex...thanks for Tesla Motors and Musk fortitude. and thanks for the smart founder and his friends in Solar City, California.

Listen to every minute of this video and you will understand what many with me feel need to be altered, revised and brutally stopped to allow a big change and revision of chartered course shall the USA journey be a success and fortunate for the millions of citizens onboard.

Johan Sandstrom, 



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