Tuesday, September 24, 2013

White Rock's Helen Fathers, Councilor & Also White Rock Farmers' Market Manager

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September 24, 2013

No Go

White Rock councillor HELEN FATHERS who introduced the original motion to move council chambers into the vacant church on the city hall property, put forth a motion last night to get a legal opinon on the defeat of her original motion, which had passed.


Given the fact that Council spent many hours , numerous lengthy planning sessions considering the need for increased space for staff, the desire for space for community activities including community groups , and the usability for a
multi use space aimed at maximizing the use of Council chambers to the relocation to 1174 fir st at minimal cost to the tax payer.

I would like to move ;

That a second legal opinion be sought in writing on the following concerns:

The legality of the Motion # 2013 - 268 to Rescind Motion #2013-229 (Adopted July 15, 2013) due to the preamable accompanying it and the disclosure of a named business and its intent .
furthermore the failure to follow process under section 26 part (1) of the community charter
"Notice of proposed property disposition."

and that No Decision by City Council was made to authorize such.

The FATHERS motion was supported by councillors ROBINSON and CAMPBELL. Councillors LAWRENCE, MEYERS, HUTCHISON and Mayor BALDWIN defeated the motion.

The city has now issued an RFP (request for proposals) and will begin showing the facility to potential renters this Friday. -end-

Follow the issue's development in http://healthy360.blogspot.com or write johanpublisher@gmail.com
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