Monday, May 14, 2012

"Common Sense and Some Consideration of OneSelf" Life Is What You Make It To Be!

I need to share this with everyone reading My Blog 'Healthy 360'
The Author Devon in Spokane, Wa. certainly hit the nail 'right on'
and got it all pretty much 'right' for us all to heed! -

Devon writes:
"2012 Is Half Way Over!
New Years resolutions have been
made and broken by millions of people.
The Presidential Election Is Well On It's
Our smart phones, email boxes, and
fast pace society keeps us busier 
than ever.
Have you ever been in traffic and had someone
slam the gas and fly past you only to be side 
by side with you at the red light 5 seconds later?
Sometimes when we're in traffic, in a hurry, hungry,
tired, etc. we might be that person.
But in any case it's a whole lot better to live life
 in the moment than it is under pressure.

We're happier, more productive, and more fun
to be around when we're chill.
So despite:

What the news says about the economy...
Friends say to you about their situation...
Co-workers complain to you about...
Or anything that tries to wiggle it's way into your mind
You can (and will conquer)...
So my point is this...


Don't feel pressured.

Work hard [Yes]
Help your team [Yes]
Eat Healthy (mostly) [Yes]
Blog Daily and use your training
to have us sell on your behalf and
bring people into your primary company
if you have one...
The three simplest to release pressure are
1.) Eat Healthy - Your mind will be focus
and your body balanced
2.) Excercise - Some of you are athletes and do a lot
but for those of us who aren't, even a 20 minute 
walk get the endorphins (happy brain chemicals)
going and flowing in the morning.
3.) Get balanced sleep - As entreprenuers this can
be hard to come by. I aim for an average of 7 hours
per night. Some nights its 5 and some its 8 but I
go for an average of 7*7 = 49 hours per week.

Let's make the rest of this week, this month,
and this year super duper productive! "

~The 'Poverty Slayer


619 N Smith St. Suit 12
Spokane, WA

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