Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Rustic Gourmet Cafe & Eatery Location by Peace Arch Curling Club's Facility on 1475 Anderson Str. White Rock BC" - Healthy News for Active Living- Welcome !

24 March 2012 - A 'double 'open house' per se!
Peace Arch Curling Club and its virtual next door neighbour, the Rustic Gourmet Cafe' & Eatery
invited the public to try out these two attractions of magnitude. It proved to be a successful event!

The Rustic Gourmet Crew 'making it happened'

From left to right the owners Simone and Enrico Hurwitz
and support staff of Connie.
For Reservations call the Rustic Gourmet Cafe & Eatery
Any time also for orders for popular Catering Services.
Tel 778 545 0024

"I would love it if you would come and see our venue here in the new White Rock 'Centre of Active Living' in the Curling building, Centennial Arena Place, 1475 Anderson Street, White Rock, BC. You are all Welcome to try our menu of foods from a natural home made process of our own; baked goods and delicious soups and more of European influence from our kitchen."  - Simone Hurwitz

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