Friday, January 27, 2012

Mayor Dianne Watts of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada is quoted as saying 'What makes sense' in the school System of Surrey.

Not long ago [last year 2011] I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet with Dianne Watts, the Mayor of Surrey in British Columbia Canada. Ref. made to the audio interview as posted on I would like to forward a quote made from the said interview with Mrs. Dianne Watt, the Surrey Mayor. What she said and acclaimed made a profound impact on me as 'newcomer' to Canada [1988]. If effectiveness and practicalities count for anything I believe that what the Mayor is saying makes sense and should be put into an 'over-all plan' and embrace every school district. The districts planning from human resources to fiscal and budgetary means etc., and funds saved placed in the envelopes and pockets of the most efficient and performance willing teachers and this to be part of an enhancement program which would benefit the students, the teachers and the society as a whole. Here is the quote: Dianne Watts, Mayor of Surrey: "local matters which affect Surrey residents are Mrs. Watts’ top priority.

She sees two fundamental areas in which Surrey can modernize in order to make life better for everyone: education and environmental consciousness.

Schooling is one of the most important factors in growing a successful city, maintaining a vibrant and thriving economy, and developing talent native to the area in order to benefit as much as possible.
Mayor Watts’ stance on the public school system is a bit forward and, at some times, controversial. She feels that the traditional school infrastructure (big, costly brick buildings that cannot expand or contract to fit population and budgetary needs) are outdated. Instead, Watts envisions a modular education system as the backbone of the Surrey of the future. By using modular school units (what some wrongly label “trailer schools”) the city can not only provide plenty of learning space to all of the students and teachers but it can do so cost-effectively. Mobile units are able to quickly relocate if the population of an area increases and the demand for classrooms follows. Conversely, if the population of an area declines, there’s no sense in having a massive brick building sucking up city funds when a modular school design could be minimized to fit the student body.

By spending less on the infrastructure of the school system Surrey could spend more on the quality of education, thus meeting and exceeding the needs of the students while maintaining a budget everyone is comfortable with"' End of Quote For the entire audio interview and transcript go to the Audio/Interview Blog on the page: Best regards, Johan Sandstrom, BComm. 'Video & Audio Content Communication Services Provider to Professionals' EM:

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