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Exciting News for 2012 from White Rock Council, BC and its Agenda posted for 23 Jan. 2012

Miramar Plaza Events for 2012
The special events held in Miramar Plaza are important for building community spirit. They also attract tourists to the area and have an economic impact for the surrounding businesses.

The Miramar Plaza area is owned by the two adjoining strata. The City does not have ownership
but does have a statutory right of way through that area. For the City to hold events in Miramar
Plaza, they must have Council approval.

The purpose of this report is to seek endorsement for three events.

City of White Rock staff met with Miramar strata representatives in early December and it was
agreed that any time a road closure along Russell Ave. was required for an above mentioned
special event, it was imperative that the closure did not block the front entrance to 15152 Russell
or the entry to the underground parking. This was included in the Miramar Plaza Use Guidelines
that were drafted in 2011.

During 2011 there were two events held in the Miramar Village open space.

White Rock Farmer’s Market (May – Oct)

Christmas on the Peninsula (Nov)

During 2012 there are three events that are being recommended to be held in the Miramar
Village open space and they are:

Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay End of Day Celebration (May 19)

White Rock Farmers’ Market (May – Oct)

Christmas on the Peninsula (Nov 24)

These three events will take place in the open area on the east and west side of Russell Mews
between the two Miramar Village towers. With the adoption of this recommendation, these
events will be endorsed by the City to take place in the Miramar Village Plaza in 2012.

Recommendation: Approve

New Event Applications for 2012

1. Pooch Parade on the Promenade

Sunday April 22nd , 2012 9:00am – 1:00pm (set-up 8am, takedown 2pm)

Organizer: Winston Conyers, member of Rotary Club of White Rock Peninsula

Dog friendly event, allowing dog owners to walk their dogs along the promenade from
Bayview Park (far end of West Beach) to end of East Beach promenade.

 Fundraising event for local Rotary Club projects, Semiahmoo Animal League
 Requesting dogs on leash access to the Promenade and the grass area between
Bayview Park and Museum for vendor tents
 Previous application for 2011 was not approved.

Page 15

January 23, 2012 - Special Events Report
Page No. 3

Organizers successfully ran this event at South Surrey Athletic Park in 2011 and did
not have any clean-up problems/issues.
 Post event “doggy clean-up” provided by event sponsor
 Event requires temporary non-enforcement of City Bylaw 1161 which prohibits dogs
from walking on the Promenade.
Although Bylaw 1161 prohibits dogs from walking on the Promenade, whether or not to
continue with this is an issue now under discussion in the community. Approving this event
may set a precedent Council may not be comfortable with. However, the decline in activity
on the waterfront during the off-season months is also a concern. This was raised most
recently to Council by the Business Improvement Association. Allowing this April event
could help stimulate business along the waterfront during the off-season. As this event is for
a good cause, at a time when there is a desire to increase waterfront activity and did not have
any clean up issues last year in South Surrey, Council may wish to approve it and evaluate it
afterwards. (Council in the past has allowed commercial activity to take place on the
promenade that was not in compliance with the OCP for Spirit of the Sea). Another option is
to direct staff to work with the organizer to find another location in the City for this event.

Recommendation: Provide staff with direction on this event..

2. Staff have received an application for a 2nd new special event in the City but more research is
required before a recommendation can be brought to Council. Staff will report in due course
on this application.

Costs for these events are to be paid for by the event organizers, which may include corporate
sponsorship. Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay End of Day Celebration is the exception. This
special event was brought forward in 2011 and Council directed staff to proceed with planning
and organizing the 25th Anniversary promotional activities and an End of the Day Celebration.
Council approved the funding request of $1,500 for 2011 from contingency and that $8,500 be
considered in the 2012 Financial Plan process for this event.

It is recommended THAT Council:
1) receives the information from the January 23, 2012 report from the Acting Director of
Leisure Services titled “Special Events for 2012”
2) approves the following events to be located on the open space on the east and west side
of Russell Mews on the Miramar Village plaza for 2012:
a) Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay End of Day Celebration (May 19)
b) White Rock Farmers Market (May 27 – October 7)
c) Christmas on the Peninsula (November 24); and
3) provides staff with direction on the Pooch Parade event on the promenade..

The City of White Rock recognizes that special events are an important part of living in White
Rock and provide an affordable entertainment to its citizens. It also recognizes that special
events enhance tourism, culture, and recreation, while providing an economic benefit to...

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January 23, 2012 - Special Events Report
Page No. 4

businesses in the City. However, it is equally important that the City is clear and consistent with
respect to its bylaws.

All of the special events promote White Rock as a vibrant, healthy seaside community
committed to … Building Community Spirit.

Respectfully submitted,

Sylvia Yee
Acting Director Leisure Services

Comments from the City Manager:
I concur with the recommendations in the report.

S. Kurylo
Acting City Manager

City Hall Tel: 604 541 2100 for inquiries.

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