Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bear spray against the Bruins did not help Vancouver Canucks to get Stanley Cup!

"In Memoriam" or "Ode to the Victorius"
A devastated Vancouver Canucks hockey team 'ran out of gas' trying to penetrate an iron wall and emotional curtain of persistent brown bears...the Bruins from Boston.
From the outset one could tell that game #7 the final in Stanley Cup held in Vancouver, would be a disaster.
No visualization and imagination in the Vancouver team...playing straight ice hockey of model 'ball room' hockey.
Wrong tactics to beat Bruins.
Bear spray would have sufficed but not allowed on the ice.
The bruins were just to focused on winning.

Dragging families and friends [ 'a fly-in' to Boston ] for game #6 [another defeat,] into the arena in Boston was sort of 'taking out a victory in advance' and irritated the today coming back to settle a final score in Vancouver this memorable day of 15th June 2011.
One doesn't bring the families into a 'war-zone' per se. Instead focus on the 'enemy to defeat' should be the essence of the visit in Boston for Game #6.

Boston 4 ...Vancouver 0

Thank you Vancouver Canucks for a great play-off season. Great hockey,,,and please come again. The team with the luckiest and best fitted netminder [goalie] did the trick for the winner. The Boston Bruins [brown bears] should be congratulated. So we all do!

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