Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr. James Martell asked me the following in today's Email; ' Is Twitter...

Hi Johan,

Twitter is hot right now. Seems like everyone has an account and they're using it for everything from promoting their blogs to notifying their friends that they just became mayor of the cereal aisle in their local supermarket. But can you really use Twitter as an effective business tool or is its reported relevance a bunch of fluff?

Answer/Comment JS: Spontaneously I say its ‘reported relevancy’ is just that...a bunch of fluff. And it holds true if you do not manage your Twitter professionally. To do just that you need to know more and educate yourself on the topic, I call : “Jitter, Twitter and Bitter”. It is not as easy as one may think

That all depends on how you approach the service""just like anything else, Twitter is what you make out of it. Most of the people who say Twitter is useless as a selling tool are blindly posting links hoping folks will click on them. They're destined to fail.

Answer/Comment JS: Was I right without even knowing what came in this paragraph!

Debbie Carney has her fingers on the pulse of Twitter. I sat down with her and discussed the pros and cons of using the service. She cautions that Twitter is not a one-way street.
It's a powerful communication tool and opens a dialog between you and your followers.

Answer/Comment JS: Debbie must be a RN and keeping her right finger on the wrist to be taking the heart rate, the pulse, on her ‘patients and subjects of attention. Good for her.

Answer/Comment JS: Debbie Carney is right..Twitter accommodate for all of us to take advantage of..’a multitude, of cross intersections’, too many [for most of us] alternative multi-directional highways and ‘autobahns’ for us to travel and traffic...beware..Debbie is right on.

Just as email is a powerful tool for brand building and customer interaction, Twitter can let you connect with your potential prospects and build relationships with them.

Answer/Comment JS: now we know it is true and the ‘ball room is yours..May I have this dance? Let’s build ‘relationships...Now.

Debbie points out that it's invaluable as a customer response tool and even lets you have a little peak into what other people are saying about you.

Answer/Comment JS: Yes we know Twitter is invaluable to most [if applied sensibly in marketing and prospecting while aiming at building relationships for interactions.And having a peak into others and what ‘they do and with whom’ does not harm the social website and domain we soon need to truly give our mutual respect and perhaps admiration.

So listen in and find out why even big name corporations like Jet Blue are using this hot new social media tool for business:

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Johan Sandstrom’s Answer/Comments are JS: Thank you for the gallantly offered invitation. I certainly will do just that..reviewing the video as mentioned in the above. Thanks James

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