Thursday, April 14, 2011

"The truth and nothing but the truth"...please.

“Read this arriving from "one who never spoke”

This is the way the story goes.

“Simon from the warrior clan has been secretly creating a solid business and enterprise for himself using ‘ground breaking SEO tactics’.
[Then is written a website domain you will be asked to connect with].

Here is more ‘compelling text’ to digest:

“Simon’s ‘newbie friendly’ tactics will show you how to:
*Shoot past your competition in the search engines and dominate the front page...easily.

*Build a solid stream of traffic even while you headaches.
*Drive loads of traffic to your site for Free, every costs incurred’
*Spy on your competition and use all their hard work against worries about the FDA or FBI.
*Make more money online than you ever thought possible...keep dreaming, harvesting and….
*How you can blast your way to #1 on Google OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! ….bring more
dynamite and explosives for more blasting and destruction of your reputation..spam?

Long story short...

Simon has made it full time for a few years now.

He has 3 successful SEO businesses where dozens of his clients pay
between $700 -$5,000 each every month to have him do the SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
for them.

And this course I propose for you to take and learn from will show you how to do the same as Simon but for each of your websites!

Having trouble getting visitors to your website?
Having trouble with PPC [Pay Per Click] and conversions?
Want targeted and natural traffic?
Want ‘HUNGRY’ buyers to your website?”

Friends reading this. Don’t reflect..don’t read and don’t waste your time on the ‘potluck jargon’
as above.

Solid and sustainable models will pay off.
There is no quick or quicker ways to travel than the well proven and tried highway of truth and essence.

One model you may find enticing when you wish to help others to succeed in their respective business is this one:
To provide service and tools nobody in business can afford not to deploy 2011..

Be my guest [at your own risk]


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