Saturday, March 12, 2011

Talk Fusion: Invitation to Janet Garcia's Internet Video Marketing Mastery

Welcome to Janet Garcia Internet Video Marketing Mastery
This group is to share your experience, tips, and secrets about video marketing.

You can post your videos: video created by you that are not a sales pitch but true content. This group is intended for all members to learn/share ideas on their video marketing journey.

Also, share your tips on lighting, cameras, what audio/video software do you use to create your videos. etc. Anything that will help each other to master the art of video, and creating videos that not only attract visitors to your site but also convert them into customers.

This is not a group to start spamming each other with ads or links to opportunities, but a group to share true content and ideas that will help each other grow in delivering an effective video marketing strategy.

You can also post your blog posts as long as it meets the following requirements:
1. The blog post has a video YOU created (not an opportunity promotional video) and that it's meant to to explain a point or the written post.
2. If the blog post doesn't have a video created by you, then the post MUST be directly related to video marketing, video creation, ideas about video, etc. You get the point.

NOTE: Spammers will be removed. Just like that! Sorry to be so harsh... but I would like this group to be a group where members like to hang out, learn, and share their successes with video marketing...

Share also your difficulties, even technical ones, so that anyone in the group can help too.

Janet Garcia,
The Video Diva Online

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