Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White Rock Muffler...big changes; A Casino?.. for the local residents...

Questionaires and proposals floated in a tent by Oxford and Marine Drive on evening of 31 Jan 2011...will the property , 1.4 acre, house a future 'village casino' of European model?
Some said it would be good for City's [White Rock] economy and finances. Another object to tax.

Businesses need a boost and a casino replacing White Rock Muffler certainly would draw visitors to already exhausted car parking more space for parking will obviously be needed to cater to visitors [customers] and increase seaside commerce! Yes, the buzz of ideas from voices and opinions and ideas came down like snow flurries..Plentiful and not always realistic. Will the best idea stick and become a reality? What is the best idea for the iconic property now to be developed?

Ask the Mayor and council for the road map and vision plan...?
Telephone: 604 541 2100 Direct to City Hall

The railroad has become a city liability and not a source of revenues.

A casino would contribute to tourism and guests staying in White Rock B&B's and shopping frequencies would increase.....also , of course, it would perhaps speed up city's vision-planning and the branding of our resort.. one lady commented.

Change is inevitable for White Rock as a whole.

Cutting costs and amalgamating with Surrey sounds sensible..considering ....!
Look at the map and one can wonder why 'hanging on to 'city-hood' so expensive and impractical...well comments were made and ideas and opinionated thereto...

To bring vehicles with visitors requires a parkade or other opportunity to off-load the car and to go the Marine Drive tour for tourists..eating . and have fun in the summer. Again....a casino would attract commerce year 'round.

I noted one city councilor present, Lynn Sinclair, as always 'on the beat, on the go.. and alert' asking questions and taking an interest in what's cooking on the hot stove of White being 'What's going to replace the "White Rock Mufflers"..a hot dish on the stove?

Indeed a well organised and worthwhile event to inform the public..and in a tent! Good idea! Thanks to the organisers..

The catering was excellent ..cheese, cookies, pastery, fruits and dark coffee or tea.
Thanks, 'for the tent meeting' goes
to White Rock Muffler and Ankenman Marchand and colleagues.

Sponsored video presence by Johan Sandstrom, BComm.


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