Sunday, November 14, 2010

Harp News, 'Vancouver Hosting World Harp Musical Congress 2011' British Columbia, Canada

Friends, is now or never. The time for you [harpists] to prepare and get your harp out and practice....Vancouver's hosting a most International gathering of harpists ever seen in such a beautiful surroundings and location...'super natural British Columbia'.
The World Harp Congress.
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Friends of 'world's harpists' will be present and this musical event will be most attractive and also for you readers, viewers of this writing and your friends who do not 'pling the strings' or read notes and music, per se.

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For Education on the Harp Instruments: 'editors choice': Learn more from:
Kaori Otake.

Yours truly
Johan Sandstrom, BComm.

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