Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Roxy's by the Beach" New White Rock Business ..'from delicious coffees ...

Meeting with Sherri Wilson-Morissette, a.k.a. "Roxy" who returned from 11 years in the U.K. and to BC and decided on White Rock for her entrepreneurial talents to continue growing.

An exciting and educational and challenging journey over 11 years in Europe and England can now continue by this new venture of establishing almost an eatery of sorts but still a quaint cafe on a very popular and mundane part of the White Rock seaside.

There is no way for me to write you the menu..go and discover the versatility and multifaceted compositions of everything from sanwiches, delicious breads and cupcakes.

At Roxy's you are the 'King of the table' deciding the 'profile' of your sandwiches from a plethora of delicatessen to put on top.
Ask and 'you shall be served your choice'...can I say it that way?
Healthy yoghurts..mixed berries.

The cupcakes have names: Your pick ...'The White Rock', 'Roxy', 'Sweetie' and a 'Beach Babe', 'Choco-Mint', 'Lemon Sundrop' and the most precious of the cakes called 'Double Trouble'

Freshly baked in small batches every day. Hand decorated with home made butter cream..the Menu page ends with the exclamation, 'Taste the Love' !

If you don't believe me visit the website::


@Roxysbythebeach on Twitter

OPEN HOURS: 7 days a week 7 am to 10 pm [07.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs ] Pacific Standard Time [Vancouver BC]
Tel:: [778].960.0319
'Have a Roxy Day - Be well.

ps/ Childrens' ooking for classes and 'get togethers for small groups is possibel as is available 'catering services' as pre-ordered.
Please, inquire.

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