Thursday, April 8, 2010

CST- Protect Yourselves From Electromagnetic Unsafe Wireless Radiation From Cell Phones/And Transmission Towers ...

Insurance Coverage?“Non-Thermal Effects Confirmed
Exposure Limits Challenged
Precaution Demanded . . .
. . . All across Europe, the debate on exposure
limits has flared up; insurance companies do
not insure cell phone providers because of the
incalculable health risks.”
Austrian Insurance Company (AUVA)
report confirming health risks associated
with wireless technologies - July 21, 2009
Safeguarding the Public
• Germany warns citizens to avoid Wi-Fi due to
health risks – September 2007
• Russian Radiation Protection Agency gives urgent
warning to defend children’s health from RF/MW -
April 2008
• Five public libraries in Paris shut down Wi-Fi
due to health concerns - May 2008
• European Parliament votes to bring in stricter
radiation limits - September 2008
• City of Herouville St. Clair, France removes Wi-Fi
from primary schools due to health risks - April 2009
• Teachers in UK call for immediate dismantling of
Wi-Fi in schools due to health risks - April 2009
• Sorbonne University, Paris passes moratorium on
Wi-Fi - May 2009
• Los Angeles School District votes unanimously to
protect children from ELF and RF/MW – May 2009
• Israeli Minister of Environment gives public warning
on radiation emitting devices including Wi-Fi - July 2009
WE BELIEVE a profound urgency exists to
protect the unsuspecting public, especially children,
from electropollution in our environment.
A growing percentage of our population experiences
uncomfortable and damaging physical reactions to
cellular and wireless technologies. We agree with
thousands of scientists and doctors who now believe
and assert in documented research studies that
Wi-Fi and its related technologies are NOT SAFE.
Our goal is to raise awareness of this problem so that
the public is empowered to protect themselves and
their children while demanding reduced exposure to
unsafe technologies.
What You Can Do
• Care enough to share this information.
• Hardwire your home computers.
• Protect youth by requesting that your
school/college hardwire its computers.
• Request that businesses using Wi-Fi post
Radiation Exposure signs that
allow concerned individuals to
avoid involuntary exposure.
• Request all levels of government to protect
the public by enacting biological health
standards as recommended in the
BioInitiative Report.
Websites and Resources
- BioInitiative/Interview Cindy Sage/012008.html
- Magda Havas and Camilla Rees’s Book:
Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of
The Wireless Revolution
- Dr. George Carlo - research, books, interviews
- See movie: Full Signal
Is it Safe?
Who Are We?
Citizens For Safe Technology
is a not-for-profit educational society
made up of parents, grandparents,
teachers, business professionals,
scientists, politicians and lawyers
concerned about the exponential
increase in public exposure to
harmful wireless technologies.

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