Monday, December 28, 2009

'We Use 100% Degradable Bags' When its time is up bags turn to small pieces, ultimately to powder! Time Sensitive Bags!

#1 Nice and whole-Intact ready to fill its function as a 'container' & content keeper. Don't be surprised when you after a year find in your locker that the art utensiles you stowed-away no longer are safe..tidy.
Molecules and nano-science and more and the 'teeth of time' had done its work . The miracle is that the bags are so predictably time-sensitive even if they are not placed in the garbage dump to degrade.

#2 For the Good, the Bad or even Worse this the life time of the bag was merely 10 months until it started falling apart..the bags 'journey to become eventually worthless and also britle and unreliable as a carrying receptacle turning 'degradable' and of no harm to the environment' had begun?? No harm? YOU DECIDE.

#3 MAY I SUGGEST THAT SIGNAGE , A CAUTION SIGN..A PRINT IS MADE ON ALL SIDES OF THE BAG TO 'CAUTION ITS USE' AND ALSO TELLING ABOUT THE LIMITATIONS OF THIS TYPE OF 'Carry-On Luggage' as the bag 'ages faster than a baby-boomer in sunny California', even 'above-ground'.
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