Monday, December 21, 2009

Experience White Rock BC, the Southern Gateway to Visit Before Proceeding to Whistler/Vancouver & Olympic Winter Games 2010.

THIS IS YOUR LINK TO 2010 Winter OLYMPIC GATEWAY, the 'year-round' sea-side resort community White Rock, BC ready to celebrate the 2010 Olympic winter games in Whistler and Vancouver.

Click on White Rock [blue] above [White Rock Seaside in a nut-shell] and view a video-snippet made for me in Sweden. [Distance is not a hinder for creative exchanges and electronic productivity, anymore.] Tell me what you think by email:

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Johan Sandstrom, BComm.

White Rock is the international gate-post and almost a must to visit while driving by on Hwy 99 [I-5] from our Border entry stations coming from South and going North for Vancouver, [45 min. away] and Whistler [150 min. away] from border crossing.

For more specific information you may need as a visitor and tourist, please connect and click on the highlighted hyperlink text here>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is a very much volunteered communication promoting White Rock, BC as \'the Destination'\ the gate-way to stop by; Review the clear signs at each border crossing..176th Street [Truck Crossing ] and the [Douglas Crossing] Hwy 99/I-5 North.

To reach Vancouver calculate with one hour, no more from either border station above. Whistler will take you a good calm drive of two and half hours. A comfortable drive on newly re-engineered highway ['Sea-to-Sky' Hwy] partially new and upgraded road sections.

Before approaching the travel above do take your break in White Rock, [on your west side by the ocean, the Pacific....follow signs from the border . It will take you no more than ten [10 min] minutes from where you are when entering Canada and British Columbia.

"White Rock is right by your feet and you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity of experiencing quaintness, nature, the seaside...and perhaps a good reasonable meal"

You will follow the 8th Avenue going west through a round-about [the types they have in England [U.K.] and in five minutes or shorter you will be driving on the Marine Drive along the coastal beaches, promenades, eatery-road, restaurants and shoppes, museum, the White Rock Pier and the small Marina. BBQ pits for guests and the hillside going from this seaside will take you uptown White Rock 'where everything is inexpensive' in comparison to many 'hot-spot', inflated prices in the centre of the Winter Games; Whistler and Vancouver.

Book your travels in time. White Rock is a short ride away from all the brouhaa and stress and fun, but finishing each of your several days of visit to enjoy the Winter Olympic Games 2010 are well spent when done in a comfortable environment like any of the affordable and modern, comfortable and relaxing full service 30 B&B's you can select from.

You can find most of them in the B&B directory::' website.

Enjoy this particular serene, authentic, romantic and nostalgic and natural and mild climate of White Rock on the 'Canadian Riviera' by the Pacific Ocean, anytime of the year.

Welcome and thanks for considering visiting to stay awhile or just to take a break, lunch or shopping before traveling on to the 'games' ahead.

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